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Over the past years, the Kratom market has been flooded with fly by night vendors of natural and herbal products. Due to this, it can be difficult to know which vendors actually provide quality kratom for sale.

In such a case, Organa Kratom seems to be one of the best online sellers that offer various natural and Kratom products. Founded in 2016, their kratom products are quite famous for their consistency and quality.

With consumers across the United States, they ensure a safe and satisfying experience with lab tested effective powders.

Based on our personal experience, Organa Kratom seems to go the extra mile to ensure their strikingly rare principles and quality control procedures are adhered to.

What You Need To Know About Organa Kratom

Being a decent company, Organa Kratom values the safety and well-being of their customers first and foremost. They guarantee the quality of the product as they undergo lab tests before the sale, making sure your money is well spent. What else? This brand believes in natural, raw and organic products.

Deprived of any kind of additives or fillers, making their ground leaves stand out when compared to other vendors. For the fulfillment of their products, they offer a clean setting for processing and use 100% organically grown kratom.

Organa Kratom follows a methodical approach from harvest to fulfillment. From sustainable farming techniques, to a clean processing environment, all the way to lab testing and packaging before the sale.

With one of the largest selections of different Kratom strains, Organa Kratom separates their strains in to 3 categories; Energy strains, Balance strains, and Unwind strains.

They also offer sample packs and Kratom capsules for all of their available strains. When contacting their customer support team they are very helpful in guiding you to find the right strain for your needs.

What Does Organa Kratom Offer?

While discussing the Kratom and their types, Organa has 51 strains. This involves your typical strains like Bali Red powder, Borneo Green powder, Cambodia Yellow powder, along with premium strains such as Indo Premium powder and Cambodia Premium as well as their own unique brand of Organa Kratom strains from their family of farmers in Indonesia.

What’s the best thing about having options? Well, whether you are new to Kratom or a veteran consumer, this brand has the strains that can suit your needs.

Following their standard procedures, they always lab test their products before marketing them. Organa makes sure to validate the products in terms of physical properties, chemical analysis, evaluation of biological compounds, organoleptic tests, and microbiological tests.

From their website, they conduct Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) and High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

What’s So Special About Organa Kratom?

Most customers prefer to buy Organa products for their consistently high quality while the affordability is on point. In comparison with other companies, we saw their products are on the lower end of the average price point.

Their price range starts from $8.99 to $69.99 which per gram is some of the best prices we’ve seen for higher-end kratom.

Let’s move forward, the product quality is consistently high as one would expect from the quality tests their kratom is put through. They have a fascinating website that is easy to navigate and easy to read.

Furthermore, they have a blog which breaks down the benefits of their kratom strains specifically, along with need to know information on kratom and the industry as a whole.

What we really noticed was the quality of their customer support team, answering all of our questions quickly and assisting with explanations of the strains they offer.

Shipping, Payment & Return Options?

Organa Kratom ships all of their orders out same day Monday to Saturday as long as the purchase is made before 2:00pm EST.

They offer Express Mail and Priority Mail which delivery times vary from 1-5 days max, depending on your shipping method preference.

Once the payment is submitted, Organa Kratom begins to fulfill the order immediately. However, if we had to point out one issue it would be that they currently only ship within the U.S.

Organa provides a tracking number for every order which can help customers track their package if desired. Offering a payment method that works smoothly for the customer, is another feature of the brand.

In Organa’s case, ZellePay and Echeck/ACH are the two payment methods that one can currently opt for. We have also seen they state they will be adding a credit card payment acceptance option as well.

Wondering if they have a return/refund policy? As most avid kratom users know there are a lot of kratom companies out there who do not offer returns or refunds.

Organa Kratom, however, provides a 30-Day money-back guarantee! You can return or exchange a given product if you are ever unsatisfied.

Do They Live Up To Expectations?

Apart from their high quality products and solid pricing, Organa Kratom demonstrates their positive presence on social media. On top of that, as we’ve mentioned their customer support representatives are always there to cater to your needs.

Likewise, they also have great customer reviews and feedback, on their website. Although they do not indicate the certification of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or any compliance with FDA regulations on their website, they have confirmed that they are currently in the process of receiving the GMP certification.

If we had one bone to pick it would be that even though they discuss in detail several forms of lab testing, unfortunately, one cannot see the lab reports on their website. Aside from that they seem to fully meet the expectations as one of the top online kratom vendors.

Yes, There’s More..

In addition to these features, Organa Kratom has their “Organa Exclusives” email newsletter in which they often offer discounts and promotions along with valuable information on kratom and the surrounding industry.

As a customer, it’s always nice to receive discount offers for being a loyal customer. Having quality packaging and categories separating their different strains are a few unique aspects of Organa Kratom.

Besides that, they clearly illustrate the ingredients, doses and other in-depth details on their website. Looking for rapid responses and fast customer service?

That’s where Organa Kratom really shines and stands out. Their customer service promptly responds to any questions or concerns.

Are Their Products Safe To Use?

As one of the few vendors that champion customer safety and product quality along with our personal experience with Organa Kratom, we can confidently say their products are safe to consume.

Nevertheless, you should always seek information about proper doses and types of Kratom products you consume.

Considering the credibility of the product, they also state their official address, contact details, and phone number for any questions or concerns you may have.

Let’s Summarize It

Doing your homework and reading credible reviews about different sellers can help you in getting to know the brand, what they value, and how they ensure your safety and satisfaction.

It is always recommended to make an informed decision before purchasing kratom online. Organa Kratom is a vendor that receives our stamp of approval and is a brand we trust. Their attractive website is easy to use and allows you to place an order without complications.

In particular, Organa Kratom knows their products inside and out and has an amazing support staff to provide assistance wherever you may need it.

Without a doubt, Organa Kratom is one of our favorite online retailers and offers some of the best quality and quantity under one roof.

Do you know about various strains and types of kratom products or have personal experience with kratom? Let us know in the comments section below.

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