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The information about Kratom on the internet can be highly misleading at times, especially when you have a lot of people spreading false news about its dangerous effects.

What people don’t know is that Kratom has been highly used for a long period of time and it contains healing and therapeutic properties that ease off a lot of your bodily problems and help in the relaxation of muscles as well as body ache. It also serves to be a form of painkiller when needed.

It is very important to confirm the authenticity of the Kratom that you are buying, which is why you need to be careful about its online purchase.

With its high demand in the market, a lot of people are wishful of making money out of selling fake Kratom in the form of colorful powders under false names.


Mystic Island Kratoms provides a diverse range of Kratom for its users. Even though its website is plain and simple, but it is still easy to navigate.

You also might not be able to find a lot of information in the form of description and other relative posts for Kratom, so be sure to do a little research before you click the Add to Cart option.

It might be difficult for newcomers to identify the right kind of product for their use since no information is provided about how much use would effect in what way.

But there is a huge range of Kratom products with all its strains and veins alongside other herbal products. There is not much description for them but a little bit of research on it, and you’ll be good to go.

Lab Test Reports

Before the purchase of Kratom from online vendors, it is important to know if that product is safe for you or not. One way of looking into that matter is by checking if the products of that website have undergone lab tests or not.

One major drawback that Mystic Island Kratoms has is that it does not provide you with the information on whether the products that it’s selling go through lab tests or not. But no need to worry because the customer reviews fill up the void and by far.

All the reviews coming in are positive which signifies that the quality of the products is top-notch and that the customers are happy with what they’re buying so this gives a safe cushion for you to trust the website completely because people who have tried and tested the product hands-on can confirm on the standard of the product to be high.

Are they making false medical claims on their blog?

One great thing about Mystic Island’s Kratom, which is also highly appreciated by the users is that it is very true and honest in its dealings. There is no room for false claims and guarantees.

There is no such declaration of medicinal treatment or diagnosis. Usage of Kratom purchased from Mystic Island Kratoms does not, in any form, treat or prevent any illness or disease.

This information is clearly mentioned on their website and gives a clarification to the audience to be mindful when buying Kratom from them.  

Are they selling with false Kratom names?

Shopping for Kratom with the help of names at Mystic Island Kratoms can be a little challenging when you look for it since they have different names under the Kratom products.

One might have to go along with the pictures to decide for the choice of the product. It can get confusing by the minute, so it’s better to do a quick research before the purchase because you cannot completely rely on the pictures.

Customer feedback

The team at Mystic Island Kratoms believes the customers that keep them going on and they are where they are because of the support of their loyal customers.

It is very important for the brand to know how the purchasers feel because their reviews, good or bad, genuinely help in growing and taking the business forward.

Till date, the customers who have purchased Kratom from Mystic Island Kratoms hail the quality of the product and the authenticity of the website.

They say that even though the website needs to provide more details on how to go about with the usage of the product, it still stands ten on ten with high-quality products, the efficiency of delivery and the smooth purchase of Kratom.

There is also room for improvement in a lot of things such as more information as the description, vaster delivery methods and payment options and measures for customer satisfaction related to products.

They have an email for customer feedback where you can drop your reviews or ask anything that you unsure about. So make sure you write to them if you have any issue regarding any product at [email protected]

Is the vendor active?

It is very important for the vendor to be available for its customers so that he can address all their important queries without them having to worry about their questions hanging in the air.

At Mystic Island Kratoms, you can get in touch with the team through email, which is [email protected] or call them at 561-768-7100 during office hours.

You can also visit their social media handles and contact them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the same name as the website.

Prices of the products

The prices of Kratom at Mystic Island Kratoms is significantly lower than all the other vendors selling kratom at sky-high rates. Their prices start from $3 for 25g and go up to 35oz for $69.

But there is a restriction of purchase which is that the customer can only buy 2 kilos at one time. This is the website’s policy and has to be followed.

The myth of low price-low quality does not mean anything, especially when people buying those very products vouch for quality. It is also very important to not believe word of mouth at times and try products personally for whatever others say isn’t always true.

So the crazy discounted price should be availed, and purchases should be made of your desired product without a wastage of time.

Do they offer money back guarantee?

Every brand has its own return policy which is fairly justified because let’s admit it that everyone is working hard at whatever they’re doing and sometimes people tend to pointlessly nag and pick on companies for nothing which is why people who actually have genuine issues are passed over.

But with Mystic Island Kratoms, they provide all the best services to their customers. They do offer a replacement for a damaged item on the condition that the seal should not be open and the product to not be used in any case.

They have a very strict policy of not entertaining open sealed and used items. All of these requests should be made within 14 days after the delivery.

Shipping And Payment Options

All your Kratom orders are shipped via USPS priority mail or First Class Mail. They also provide tracking numbers so that you know about the updates related to your order. The good news is that orders that are placed before 2 PM EST are delivered on the same-day Monday-Saturday.

Other than that maximum time of 24-48 hours are needed for packages to be delivered to your doorstep. Mystic Island Kratoms ships Kratom internationally as well but does not ship to AL, AR, IN, TN, VT, WI specifically.

All the payments are to be made via credit or debit card, and these are the only two options available on the website.

Final Thoughts

It is never okay to judge a book by its cover. Even though the website of Mystic Island Kratoms seems a little undefined and lacks sufficient information for you to trust it completely, it doesn’t kill to try giving it a shot.

Everyone’s body and the mechanism is different from the other. One might not have the same reaction or effect as the other person, so its better to give it a try personally to see if it works out for you.

All in all, it is an average website with pros and cons of its own, but we need to look at the final product which seems to be promising and since life is all about risks, might as well take one with this one as well.

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Andrew Coria is the main partner at SNB and a dedicated Warrior in the fight for Kratom. He has served thousands of customers during his work in the industry and yet still thinks of himself as a customer as well. His work has been featured on popular kratom blogs such as Kratom Guides and Red Storm Scientific actively discussing trending botanical topics in the industry. Andrew works only with highly vetted farmers whom he trusts to make quality their #1 factor for the customer. His expertise is practiced by providing the cleanest products on the market, backed by industry-standard lab testing.


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