CBD Shatter: A Detailed Overview For The Beginners

Since the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-related products in multiple countries worldwide, there has been a buzz to find the best, most potent strains and forms of cannabis. Cannabis comes in many different forms, from a humble baggy of buds to wax with cannabis extract. With so many different ways to achieve the calming and even healing effect of cannabis, it’s hard to know exactly which form is best and, most importantly, which form is more potent than most. Shatter, one of the many forms of a cannabis extract is a brittle glass-like wax made with concentrated extract and plant matter.

The consistency can differ depending on the concentration of cannabis extract, giving it a more gooey texture. The problem many people face is that while they want the beneficial, healing qualities of cannabis, not everyone likes the psychoactive element of the plant. This is why there is CBD (Cannabidiol) shatter. This shatter gives only the healing effects and none of the psychoactivity that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) causes. CBD shatter is THC free and contains no harmful chemicals. This also means that it’s not addictive.

CBD can be helpful to those with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, and a few other conditions, whereas THC can trigger anxiety and insomnia. If you have never used a cannabis wax product before, you may be wondering how to consume it in the right way, how to store it without it going bad, what the consumption of CBD benefits, who, and, of course, where to find it.

How To Consume CBD Shatter?

While CBD shatter may look edible, it will not give you any effect if you did eat it just as it is. However, you can bake with CBD shatter and get some impact from it. There are much more effective ways to use shatter than eating it. Because you want CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream to have the greatest effect, it’s best to inhale the vapors of CBD shatter.

When heated at a high enough temperature, shatter will become vapor which can be inhaled. There are many ways to heat your shatter, from dabbing it on an extremely hot surface such as a frying pan on a stove to using it in a vaporizer for on-the-go CBD benefits. While it’s best to use a tool such as a vape pen or a desktop vaporizer, it’s probably easier to go for an electric rig to consume all the vapor produced effectively and efficiently. However, using a vaporizer product is also reasonably easy. 

The vape will have a compartment to put your CBD shatter in. You can set the vape to heat the shatter to the temperature you think is best to get the most effective, and without losing any vapor, inhale directly. By inhaling the CDB vapor, about 60-70% of it will be absorbed into your bloodstream. This is a large percentage compared to the 10-20% you would get from an edible containing the same amount of CBD. Remember to clean your vape before each use as it can build bacteria.

How To Store It?

Shatter does not have a long shelf life if it is not stored correctly and will result in a wastage of money if it is left out in the wrong environment. Because shatter is a concentrate, heat and other factors can affect it and cause it to lose its effectiveness. Storing your shatter correctly is one of the first things you should think about before purchasing it, even if you plan to use it all at once. There are various ways to store your shatter, depending on how long you need it to last.

If you only store your CBD shatter for up to a week, you can use an airtight silicone holder. Put this in a cool, dry area that receives no direct sunlight. Sealed glass jars are a popular option for storing your shatter for just under a month. Make sure that each piece is wrapped in paper and then stored in food-safe, zip lock bags before placing them in a glass jar in a cool area.

Storing your shatter for up to a year will require the glass jar to be sterilized with an alcohol sanitizer without any additives that may change the flavor of the shatter. The jar must then be placed in a temperature-controlled environment. Storing shatter any longer than a year will require freezing the shatter, but this may damage your shatter, leaving it liable to moisture and destabilization of the chemicals making it less effective.

The Benefits Of Consuming CBD Shatter

More and more studies have revealed and discussed the benefits of consuming CBD in the past few years. Information on how it can help different conditions and illnesses is readily available. CBD has helped manage several conditions and not just in people but also in animals. CBD has a calming and relaxing effect on the body, allowing it to experience less anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Interestingly, its effects stretch past the psychological conditions by reducing inflammation and pain.

People with conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, spinal injury and back pain, osteoporosis, and other pain-inducing conditions may benefit from CBD. CBD shatter is one of the most effective forms of CBD, which means that you will be able to experience more effects than you would use some of the other forms of CBD. Shatter also kicks in faster, providing relief when it’s most needed. Before using CBD products, ask your doctor about them and ensure that it does not clash with any medications you are currently on.

Where To Find It?

Because of being a cannabis-related product, finding CBD shatter may be difficult. Before purchasing CBD shatter, make sure that it is legal in your area and that the shatter you are buying is TCH-free, as TCH is not legal everywhere and can cause troubling symptoms. It is best to buy CBD from a reputable company and not just anyone, as it may contain impurities and prove less effective.

Ensure that the shatter is of high quality, organic, safe, and not underpriced compared to other brands. Read reviews on the product before you make a purchase. Purchasing CBD products can often be done at a pharmacy or other cannabis-related stores. Ask those selling the product any questions you may have about it. You can also purchase shatter online from a reputable company and have them deliver the product to you.



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