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About The Company

Blue River Wellness, formerly known as Coastal Kratom, is one of the leading companies that deal in ethnobotanical and herbal products. No matter if you are looking for CBD oil, Mitragyna, or other unique herbs, you will indeed find them at Blue River Wellness.

The company is well-known for its premium quality products along with their excellent customer service. The article will help you get an idea about Blue River Wellness and will let you know if their products are worth buying or not. Keep reading!

Blue River Wellness Product Line

Blue River Wellness is famous for its premium quality Kratom strains, including Maeng Da and Bali. But, this is not it. You can find a wide range of green, white, and red strains on their website pretty easily.

Apart from it, they are quite famous for their exotic blends as well. You can also shop CBD products from their online shop along with several other botanicals.

1) Kratom

No matter if you want to purchase green, white, or red strain, you will get everything here under the roof of Blue River Wellness.

They have a vast Kratom line, including Red Vein Sumatra, White Vietnam, Ultra Maeng Da, Ultra-Premium Bali, Green Malay, and many more.

This is not it!

Don’t forget the fantastic proprietary blends that you can get from their store. You can either root for Tropic Blast or The Bright Eyes Blend to start from.

Note that, the company sells Kratom products on its website under the name of Mitragyna as their strains fall under the “Mitra” category. So, if you visit their site, just scroll over to the Mitragyna section and order Kratom from there!

2) CBD Products

CBD products are also readily available at Blue River Wellness. You can check a wide range of CBD products on their website, including CBD nighttime gummies, CBD pet tincture, CBD Vape pen, full-spectrum CBD infused soft gels and various more.

Blue River Wellness ensure customer satisfaction and sell only premium quality products. Visit their website and check all their CBD collection under the CBD section.

3) Other Botanicals

If you want to purchase something different than Kratom and CBD, then you are likely to find it at Blue River Wellness.

They have a wide range of botanical items on their website, including Maca Root, Yerba Mate, Wild Dagga, Organic Wheat Grass, Goji Juice Powder, & a lot of others as well.

Check the botanical section on their website and shop whatever you want from there without any hassle.

Are Their Products Affordable?

Here comes the main question, is Blue River Wellness an affordable brand? To be exact, this brand comes at above-average prices.

To give you an example, one ounce of their Kratom can cost you around $10.99; however, you can get the exact product from anywhere else in less than that.

But, one thing you need to note here is that most vendors that deal in premium Kratom charge customers around such rates.

Pricing is the crucial point that many customers check before making a purchase. If you wish to buy Kratom in bulk, you can do so here at Blue River Wellness.

Make sure to check their prices. From what I observed, their bulk quantity is not much pocket-friendly.

32 ounces for around $200. Pocket-friendly, eh?

Most brands sell such amount in the range of $100-$130 and not more than that. Yes, Blue River Wellness is a good brand, but not enough to spend so much on a single product.

So, if you are low on money, but still want to purchase Kratom, then this brand might not be the best choice for you. Pricing is the first thing that can hinder customers from buying from them.

Apart from Kratom, their CBD products are far more expensive as compared to their competitors. If Kratom and CBD are so costly, then you can imagine how pricy their other botanicals can be.

If you are planning to purchase from them, then make sure you set a budget for it first!

Do They Test Their Products?

Blue River Wellness claims to test all their products before use. Claiming is easy, but showing test as evidence is another thing — most of the brands that test their products put up lab reports on their official website as proof.

You cannot find any at the Blue River Wellness’s website!

Apart from it, the company is also not qualified by the AKA GMP that can raise suspicion among many customers. However, the brand is supported by the American Herbal Products Association and the American Herbalists Guild.

If you are willing to check proof of their product’s genuineness, then here is the bad news for you: There is none on their website! It’s a take it-or-do not take it situation, and you have to decide what’s best for you.

Are They Making Any False Medical Claims?

There is no sign of any false medical claims on their website. In fact, Blue River Wellness has a separate page that includes a legal disclaimer highlighting various facts.

So, if you shop from them, then make sure to read all of those points to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Blue River Wellness has clearly mentioned that the products, reviews, and claims, etc. are not evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Apart from it, none of their products are eligible for any treatment, cure, or diagnosis. So, one thing is clear; they are not selling Kratom under the hood of false claims.

Can I Pay Through Card Or Cash On Delivery?

Kratom is used for a lot of purposes, but for it to be valid, you must make sure that it is bought from the best of places. Here’s the overall review summed up for everyone so they can get a better idea about Kratom Syndicate in a glance.

What Are Customers Saying?

Even though the brand is a little expensive, but still they have a vast customer base. There is no doubt that Blue River Wellness ensures customer safety and satisfaction over everything. A lot of reviews from the customers described how amazing and fresh their products are.

Several customers wrote that Blue River Wellness never compromises on the quality of the products and always deliver the best products. All of their products are well-tested and prepared under strict conditions.

Some fans of this brand wrote that they use fresh leaves to prepare Mitragyna that always leaves a taste on your tongue.

People spend a lot of their money on Kratom every year, and none of this brand’s users regret spending it on Blue River Wellness.

Mostly, their Maeng Da strain is much appreciated by customers. Apart from products, customers never forget to mention their excellent customer service and great pricing as well. If quality comes first for you, then spending a little more will not hurt you.

In short, most customers are satisfied with their services and products. If you wish to purchase from them, then you can, without any doubt!

Are They Shipping To Everywhere?

Sad news for all the people leaving outside of the U.S: Blue River Wellness only ships in the United States. If you are living in Canada, Australia, or elsewhere, you are bummed!

If you purchase on their website before 12 PM, then they usually ship products on the same day. Their shipping charges will not cost you an arm and a leg, so you do not have to worry about that. You can also track your order through a tracking ID that they provide to customers after purchase.

You can either get your products through first-class mail, priority mail or express priority mail. The first-class mail takes about seven days to deliver the product, and the shipping cost is around $3.99.

On the other hand, priority and express priority mail delivers products within 4 and 2 days with shipping costs $6.29 and $21.99, respectively.

What Are Their Refund Policies?

What if you do not like the quality of the product or if it defected? Just report it to the brand. You can request within seven days of receiving the product; after that, the brand holds no responsibility.

Don’t forget that they will only refund you the product’s amount and not the shipping charges. While you return the products, make sure it is unused and packed.

The brand does not entertain unpackaged products. Also, read thoroughly about Blue River Wellness’s return policy on their official website.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it is okay to say that you can trust Blue River Wellness for their top-quality products. They make sure that customers get nothing but the best from them.

The internet is filled with positive customer reviews about their products and services. Here is an overall review for you!

  • Quality Products
  • Great Customer Service
  • Good Refund Policies
  • Quick Shipping
  • Variety Of Products
  • No lab test reports
  • No stores
  • Expensive
  • Not much payment options

I hope this review helps you to get the best quality Kratom for yourself today!

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