Top 5 Best Salvia Divinorum For Sale

Have you ever heard of the Diviners Sage? Or wondered what lies in the intersection of spirituality and hallucinogens? Maybe the latter term is alien to you. Or you already have the answer.

With the growing popularity of weed and CBD, another product category has seen unprecedented spotlight by today’s standards: Salvia divinorum.

Salvia divinorum is regarded as a therapeutic hallucinogen. It is mostly bought by people who crave an escape from reality that is different and more powerful than smoking pot. It is cited as a Holy Medicine, and anyone ranging from a young student to a busy professional would love to buy it for its attractive properties.

The Mexico-originated herb is available in most of the states of the US. It is also legal to possess, consume, and sell in different regions of the US. The laws vary from state to state, but with the growing acceptance of Marijuana, Salvia has enjoyed widespread acceptance across the country.

Purchasing Salvia for sale is quite straightforward and convenient. You can order it from the comfort of your couch. Some well-known suppliers offer amazing products and discounts. Are you interested to know more about buying Salvia divinorum for sale? Yes? Great!

We will be providing a comprehensive outlook of Salvia divinorum. Naturally, a curated list of virtual markets that have Salvia divinorum for sale will also be discussed in detail. Because here’s the thing: Salvia divinorum for sale is Salvia that is not to be missed.

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Before buying Salvia for sale

The herb has seen its fair share of approval, acknowledgment, and demand. Due to its lesser-known outlook and relatively scare availability when compared to cannabis products, Salvia is not an easy herb to find in the market.

Being a herb that reportedly induced a state of visionary trance, which was later used for medical purposes, many people sought after this holy medicine. The lack of information, or maybe the prevalence of exaggerated misinformation, has led to the presence of dubious suppliers who would not mind emptying your pocket in exchange for a fake or ineffective product.

We recommend that you proactively look into the source of the product being sold on the website, the number, and tone of reviews, any trusted contact who bought salvia and can recommend a reliable store, and also the prices charged for the herb. Too much deviance is usually a bad sign.

5 Best Salvia Divinorum Products for Sale

Let’s have a closer look at the best saliva products out there that you can get on a bargain!

1. Salvia Extract 140X Atomic

This extract is perhaps the strongest salvia extract out there. This product contains 140mg/g of high-quality salvia. Each gram corresponds to 60 Oz of Salvia leaves. Due to the intense concentration, the 140X Atomic is not recommended for beginners at all!

The positives of consuming Salvia ranges from treating upset stomach, migraine, and depression to attaining psychological benefits such as improved concentration, enhanced self-confidence, and spiritual insight.

Fortunately, Saliva extract has amazing customer services and other perks as follows:

  • 100 % money-back guarantee
  • Accepts Credit and Debit Card
  • Accepts bitcoin
  • Guaranteed freshness
  • Discreet packaging to ensure complete anonymity and safety
  • Safety sealed packaging to provide value for money

Currently, it is on sale for $75.88 only!

2. Salvia Divinorum 5x Extract (1 gram) from Avalon Magic Plants

This product has seen a permanent reduction in its price to € 8.90!

The extract has 18mg of Salvinorin-a per gram. It is a non-liquid product that was carefully calibrated by skilled chemists to raise the purity level to the maximum. This means that you can be confident of the product’s authenticity.

The extract is far more potent than the leaf. You should be prepared for an amazing ride while ordering it!

3. Salvia Extract 10X from Zamnesia

With the optimal combination of the highest rating of 4.5/5 and the number of reviews of 147, the product from Zamnesia also offers bulk discounts upon order. For instance, buying ten units will yield a 15% discount rate overall. Talk about high quality and affordability.

The website mentions this in a rather promising manner: “Good for experienced trippers; the 10x extract will take you to the foothills of the mountain range that is the Salvia effect.”

For € 17.95, it is a good bargain when you factor in wide fan loyalty and customer base. On a more positive note, their delivery game is quick too! So you won’t have to wait for long before indulging in pleasant out-of-the-world experiences.

4. Salvia Combo Pack 1 from Salvia Hut

Are you a beginner who wants to play it safe by consuming the lower level of extract in terms of potency? However, you don’t want the tolerance level and cautiousness to spoil the fun. What do you do?

Order the combo pack one from Salvia Hut!

You will be receiving two resealable bags that contain 1 gram each of 10X and 20X of Salvia Divinorum, respectively. If 10X did not provide the necessary, then jumping to a slightly higher option would be doable for you!

Luckily, these guys offer free shipping for orders over $99.

It is just $27.99 coupled with an amazing hallucinogenic herb specially designed just for you!

5. Salvia divinorum 5x extract from Salvia Seller

If you are a risk-averse guy like me, then Salvia Seller has just the offer for you.

This is as low as it can get without ruining the fun associated with it. For $9.50, you are getting a no-fuss, beginner-friendly extract that will hopefully hook you to the psychedelic world of Salvia.

Start small, and you will be a pro in no time!

A glimpse of Salvia divinorum

As previously mentioned, Salvia divinorum was known for its miraculous properties long before it was scientifically labeled as a hallucinogen. Its major source of production is in Mexico, but it is also found in Central America and South America. 

It is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint category of plants. With green and purple colored large flowers, Salvia can be sold off in the form of seeds, leaves, or liquid extract.

Salvia can brew in tea, smoke in a hookah, or simply chewed. To get the maximum output for it, the option of smoking is perhaps the most potent. On the flip side, the effects leave off quickly when compared to chewing it. It is basically around half an hour versus an hour or so.

In the US, there is ambiguity related to its legal profile. Even though some states prohibit the sale or consumption of it, many are chill with this herb. Due to its multiple mysterious properties and rich history, people have given a different name to Salvia.

It goes by the following street names:

  • Magic mint
  • Diviner’s Sage
  • Seer’s Sage
  • Lady Sally
  • Incense special 

Despite the unorthodox names, Salvia enjoys quite a reputation as the most potent naturally occurring hallucinogen. Within the Salvia herb, Salvinorin A is the active ingredient that causes a distorted sense of reality. Smoking this herb causes a psychoactive effect on the user’s mind where s/he may develop feelings of disorientation or heightened self-awareness.

People have also reported their negative experiences by labeling them as disturbing, intense, and frightening. It may also cause dizziness, personality changes, and other health issues. However, the narrative is Salvia as being that of a healer due to its medicinal and enlightened history via the usage by Shamans and Mazatec Indians.

To summarize and expand on the effects of Salvia upon consumption, the following list would prove to be beneficial:

  • Visual hallucination
  • Slurred or unclear speech
  • Laughter fits
  • Distorted sense of reality
  • Altered perception of reality, time, and surroundings
  • Auditory confusions; hearing of things
  • An out-of-body experience

As with other drugs, this psychotic herb can make users addicted. Although the extent of addiction is milder compared to marijuana, it is still addictive for people and health authorities to be concerned about.

Despite its similarity with marijuana in terms of green in color, dried, and smokable, Salvia is not related to marijuana. The high experienced through smoking the hallucinogenic herb is quite different than the one induced by THC-filled strain.

And it can be rightfully termed as overwhelming to a lot of people out there. But it is enthusiastically purchased by those who crave the other-worldly or distorted-reality experience.

If you happen to belong to the latter category, then keep reading as we go deeper to find the perfect Salvia for you!

Using Salvia

For someone who is into vape and stuff, I found the usage of Salvia to be rather strange.

Unlike vaping, smoking Salvia does not involve a rolled cigarette as dried leaves are not sufficiently potent. Instead, an extract is formed by the fresh leaves, which is consumed via pipes or water bongs.

It is interesting to note that this herb is advertised with terms like X2, X5, and so on. These terms can be read as “times two” and “times three”. They are meant to refer to the potency of the Salvia.

However, it is not a linear relationship where an extract times two will be twice as potent as extract times 1. The terms usually refer to the number of dry leaves that were used to form the extract.

There are dosage guidelines available as well.

Due to the high potency, even a small dose of Salvia can cause hallucinogenic effects on the user. Here are a few key points:

  • The National Drug Intelligence Centre (NDIC) limits the consumption of the active component of Salvia to 500 micrograms.
  • Smoke dried leaves should be kept in the range of 0.25 grams to 1 gram to be considered safe.
  • The dose amount should be inversely proportional to the extract concentration.
  • Chewing salvia leaves should be around a dose of five fresh leaves.


If we have sufficiently raised your level of curiosity, then it is high time to delve into the world of hallucinogenics. The rich history, the probable positive effects, and the general experiences of ecstasy and elevation make Salvia a unique product.

It may not be close to marijuana in terms of popularity, but it sure packs a punch when you see the psychedelic effect of the herb. We hope that you have an enjoyable adventure with Salvia divinorum!



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