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About The Company

There has been a lot of attention to natural supplements in the past few years. People have been trying to find alternatives to modern medicines using natural ingredients.

There are many botanical and herbal stores and vendors claiming to have the best products in the market. When the industry is this saturated, it becomes hard to know which vendors are legit are which ones are just there for the money.

One such product is kratom or Mitragyna. There are innumerable vendors of kratom currently present. Kreed Botanicals is a company that has been in the public eye for quite some time.

They have made the buying of kratom accessible in the bay area. The brand has a physical shop as well as an online store in place. They sell a lot of strains and have a blog in place, as well. We have brought you all the information you need regarding the company in this unbiased review.

Aim of the Company

The company’s founder has one goal, and it is to provide the best kratom available in the Bay area. The company started with that sole purpose after the founder became tired of buying poor quality kratom from smoke shops.

The prices of these kratom powders were also high and unreasonable. The missionof the company is to bring the best quality kratom to the residents of the Bay area. The founder wants to make sure that no one was deprived of the miracle that is kratom.

The company’s team have their primary focus on the quality of their products. They are set on not compromising when it comes to the quality of the kratom that they are selling.

The Mitragyna being sold by the vendor is imported from the best and most reliable farmers of the Indonesian region. These farmers use traditional cultivation practices and make sure that their kratom is free from any unwanted agents or contaminants. This kratom is then imported by Kreed Botanicals and further processed to make their kratom powders and capsules.

The company aims to lead the kratom industry in their area of operation by making sure that they leave no stone unturned in the quality of their products. The brand has also paid particular attention to the price tags of the kratom they are selling. By doing this, they have made Mitragyna more accessible to the general public.

What are they selling?

The kratom being sold by the company is in the kilo weight. They are selling various strains in the sizes that include quarter kilos (250 grams), half kilos (500 grams), and kilos (1000 grams). The brand also sells kratom in the size of split kilos.

Split kilos are 500 grams of two strains sold together to make a kilogram of kratom in total. This size is specifically for the customers that prefer to blends or mixtures of different strains. Other than the kratom in powdered form, the brand also sells capsules of Mitragyna.

Each of the capsules has 500 mg of kratom powder in it. They are sold at some of the most reasonable prices in the market. The company is selling both capsules and powdered form of kratom in a variety of different strains. These strains include:

  • White Maeng Da
  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Bali
  • Green Bali
  • Green Malay
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • Super Green Borneo
  • Red Malay
  • White Malay
  • Super Red Borneo
  • Super White Borneo

The company also has free sample packs available for customers who are trying out the brand or kratom itself for the first time. The company is so confident regarding the quality of their kratom that they send 25 grams of three strains of the customers choice as free samples.

The customer doesn’t have to pay for the shipping. These “free samples” are one of the unique features of the company. They have all the strains in their menu on the sample option, as well. This reflects the quality guarantee that the brand has.

The price range of the brand’s products?

The price tag that comes along with the kratom products is one of the most significant aspects of any brand or vendor. One of the main objectives of the founder of Kreed Botanicals was to make sure that their prices were affordable and reasonable.

The brand has stayed faithful to that goal and kept their prices minimal. They have brought some of the most excellent quality kratom at some of the best prices in the Bay area.

Their products are some of the best kratom strains available in the Bay Area region and to its residents. The brand is selling various strains in four different sizes. The option of choosing your blend is also available, as are free samples.

All of these factors make Kreed Botanicals light on your pockets as well as good on your palate. The brand makes sure that it is not exploiting its customers in any way. They are selling 250$ of their Red Maeng Da strain for just 40$. Considering the quality of their kratom powders, the price is striking and is, without any doubt, a good deal.

The excellent price range, combined with the quality of Mitragyna being sold by the brand, makes it a complete win-win situation for the customers. It is a perk for the Bay Area customers as well because the vendor has made kratom more accessible by keeping their prices reasonable.

Are they reliable?

The most significant factor contributing to the reliability of Kreed Botanicals is the fact that they are a physical shop in addition to being an online store. The brand does not have the shadiness of online brands because they have a traceable address. Their address is available on the website along with the other contact information.

The vendor imports its kratom leaves from the best farmers of Indonesia and leaves them to dry. The consistency of the kratom powder is carefully controlled to make sure that the customers get nothing but the best.

What furthermore gels the idea of Kreed Botanicals being a reliable and trustworthy brand is the fact that they have free samples available on their website. This proves that the brand is not making empty claims about its kratom and is willing to give samples to customers free of cost (even shipping charges are not present!).

The vendor also has a reward program in place to have a more loyal customer pool. These rewards include online as well as local reward points depending upon the customer’s needs. These points are then redeemed by the customer when they are checking out. The original prices of the kratom strands get reduced when a customer has loyalty points.

All of these factors prove that the brand is entirely transparent with its customers and treats them like family.  The vendor has every excellent characteristic of a fantastic brand, including reasonable pricing, good quality kratom as well as blends and free samples. The vendor sells its kratom powder in resealable packs that allow the kratom to stay fresh and contamination-free.

Do they Guarantee Quality?

When buying botanicals and herbal products online, always keep an eye out for product guarantee. This feature not only puts the customers’ minds at ease but also help to accumulate a more significant number of customers.

Kreed Botanicals makes sure that they are selling nothing but the best products to their customers. They have a return policy in place for kratom strains that haven’t been used or opened yet. They do not return already opened products because of the easily contaminated nature of kratom leaves.

In the case of an unsatisfactory product, the brand urges the customer to contact their team. They have their customer support email provided on their website. They ensure the customer that his or her complete satisfaction when it comes to the company’s Mitragyna.

Lab Tests

Lab tests are probably an essential aspect when you are using herbals and botanicals. If a person uses improperly tested or untested kratom, they are viable to several infections and diseases. There is no mention of lab tests on the entire Kreed Botanicals website.

It is quite surprising because they have some of the best kratom currently available in the Bay Area and to its residents. It would be essential for them to test all of the products before they put them on the company’s chef. This aspect is one of the biggest downfalls associated with Kreed Botanicals.

What are people saying?

There are several reviews regarding the kratom being sold by the vendor present on kratom forums as well as on the brand’s website. The social media pages of the company also have reviews and positive comments on them. The brand has been admired for its fantastic customer service and prompt delivery in many reviews. A customer has also said that the company’s kratom helped her in getting over her addiction to cigarettes.

All in all, the general reviews of the products from the brand are positive. Residents of the Bay Area cities have commended the brand for making kratom accessible to them. The reasonable prices of the brand have also been admired in the reviews.

Social Media Presence

In the current age of technology and social media, every growing brand needs to have a strong social media presence. There are many benefits that a brand can have with the proper social media activity. These platforms help in getting reviews from the users.

When a brand has positive reviews displayed on their social media sites, they attract a wider customer pool. Kreed Botanicals are very active on all the leading social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The design of their Facebook page is special so that the brand can become more accessible and known to people. The company announces all the new strains and discounts on their page, and they update it regularly, as well. There are several reviews regarding Kreed Botanicals’ kratom on their Facebook page as well. Their Instagram page has announcements regarding the company’s new strains, and their Twitter is active as well.


There are a few negatives with the brand. Some of these negative points include:

  • The absence of lab reports is a significant concern because improperly tested botanicals can cause diseases.
  • The website of the brand lacks certain information. They do not have detailed descriptions regarding the strains that are available on their websites. These are all red flags in a brand that need to be taken more care of.


Even though there are a few issues when it comes to Kreed Botanicals, the brand is overall a reliable one. The brand offers some of the best quality kratom currently available in the area of its function. Furthermore, the nominal prices and fantastic customer support also makes people lean in towards their kratom powder as opposed to other brands in the market.

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