Green Roads CBD Overview

If you are on the lookout for companies that sell high-quality CBD infused products, then Green Roads CBD is a company that you shouldn’t ignore. The company started as a small Florida based family business that continued to thrive over the years.

The company accredits this success to the unrelenting efforts of its team. This family business has now grown into a reputed company which is recognized all over the US. The company has had its products featured in international news articles like Forbes, Cosmopolitan, etc.

It has also won several international awards for its quality CBD products and fantastic customer service.

The company was founded in 2011 by Arby Barroso and Lara Fuentes. From 2011 till date, Green Roads CBD has grown to be one of the most successful CBD companies in the current market.

The team at Green Roads CBD believes in delivering only the most excellent quality CBD products to their customers.

Another factor upon which the Green Roads CBD team puts significant stress is the purity of their CBD products. They make sure that the products which they are selling are exactly what the advertisements and labels put them out to be.

They have complete accountability and have not been involved in any customer scams since it has been launched.

Green Roads CBD Company also has a keen eye for public work and is working with NGOs as well.

Is Green Roads CBD Reputable?

When it comes to the CBD industry, word of mouth is significant. You can learn a lot about a particular company from its reputation in the market.

Green Roads CBD almost has a completely untarnished reputation in the CBD market. Whether it be quality or product range, Green Roads CBD has worked hard not to disappoint its customers.

Comparatively, the positive customer reviews about their products are present in magnitude. They are recognized for their availability and accessibility as well.

The Green Roads CBD products can be found almost in every state of the USA. They have more than 10,000 retailers selling their products and also have free shipping within the United States.


Key Products: Flavored and unflavored full spectrum CBD oil, CBD vapor liquids, oils, refills, CBD honey sticks and pots, CBD gummies + softgels.
CBD Type: Full spectrum + 0.3% of less THC
Extraction Method: CO2
Payment Methods:  Visa and MasterCard
Shipping: UPS 2 Day Flat Rate: $9.99
Wholesale Option: Yes

The Available CBD Spectrums

CBD products are available as full-spectrum products, broad-spectrum products, and CBD Isolate crystals in the market.

At Green Roads CBD, it is made sure that the customers get what they need and that the company takes care of all of their specifications.

The company does this by making sure that they have broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products available on their website and in their retail stores as well.

Furthermore, they even have concentrated CBD isolate crystals for the people looking for a pure CBD intake without any taste.

This versatility in the available products reflects the fantastic quality and customer satisfaction. The spectrums are also clearly labelled on their products.

The Green Roads Informative Website

Green Roads CBD makes sure that their customers are completely informed about the products that they are buying.

There are articles and blogs present on the website for the beginners and novices. This website design reflects the complete confidence of the company in its products and also shows decent quality.

The Green Roads website is an intricately designed myriad of information about everything related to CBD and information regarding all of their products.

The company has made sure that they put customer choices and satisfaction above all else.

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Green Roads CBD Products Line

A wide range of products shows the quality of the products. It also reflects the reliability of the brand.

Green Roads CBD keeps customer satisfaction as its topmost priority, and its wide range of products is a practical display of that care. Their products include:

Green Roads CBD Oil

The Green Roads CBD oil is one of the most popular product that the brand has to offer. It is available in a range of concentrations from 100mg to 3500mg.

The oils themselves come in a dropper bottle of 30ml. The droppers also have the concentrations written on top of the dropper tube. The Green Roads CBD oils come in a variety of different flavours.

There are various terpenes and cannabinoids mixed into the Green Roads CBD oils, and this increases their potential benefits.

CBD Terpene

The smell, colour, and flavours of nearly every plant on planet Earth are because of the chemical compounds called terpenes. They are sold in the form of tinctures and have five flavours.

They have different flavours depending on the used strain of hemp. The flavours have names according to the strain from which it is derived. These flavours include:

  • Strawberry AK
  • Pineapple Express
  • Original Nectar
  • Blueberry OG
  • Sour Diesel

CBD Gummies

Green Roads CBD has one of the most versatile CBD gummies range in the market. If you are looking for gummies and edibles, then Green Roads gummies should not be ignored.

They come in the form of Gummy bears, Froggies, Fruit snacks, and sleepy Z’s.

Products of Green Roads

CBD Capsules

These capsules are an excellent alternative to CBD oils. They are famous amongst the beginners that are intimidated by the CBD oils and hence opt for the capsules.

Top-quality Safflower oil, Cannabinoid Rich oil, and vegetable cellulose are expertly formulated to make these capsules. Currently, Green Roads CBD website sells these capsules in bottles with a potency of 25mg. The spectrum of these capsules is broad.

You can then inhale it while it is vaporizing. There are different ways to do it. You can either use a nail or a vape pen. If you have headache or migraine issues, ask a professional for their suitability.

The best part of this form is the ease of usage. You can sprinkle it on top of your food and enjoy it afterwards.

CBD Topical

The Green Roads CBD topical range includes a pain relief cream. These pain relief creams have a potency of about 1.4 mg with every dose of it. It is friendly towards all kinds of skins. The pain relief cream comes in an appropriate potency as well.

According to the reviews of many users, the cream has helped them with problems ranging from inflammations and swollen skins to bone pain.

The packaging of the Green Roads CBD pain relief cream is quite user-friendly. It comes with a pump, and the size is travel-friendly as well. A fresh menthol and lavender scent are present in the pain relief cream, and it is non-greasy too.

CBD Beverages and Soothe Syrups

The Green Roads CBD coffee is one of the most popular products that the company has to offer. It is a broad-spectrum product. Apart from the coffee, there is also Green Road tea available, which has a strength of 7mg per tea bag.

The soothe syrups come in a range of three flavours, i.e., strawberry, mango, and grape.

Other than cannabinoids, these syrups are also infused with melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone which induces sleep, and these syrups are very useful for people who have trouble sleeping.

Lab Testing

There is a complete transparency policy when it comes to Green Roads CBD products. The company is genuinely honest to its customers and makes sure that they get what they have ordered and nothing else.

They do not hide behind technicalities and have every detail about each product present on their website. Their products are certified and tested by a third-party lab. Third-party testing further increases the trust in the company because it ensures that the test results are independent and not meddle.

The formulations of their products are performed in an ISO6 level lab. This type of lab ensures the highest level of purity because no outside agent is allowed into these labs.

Highly experienced lab personnel and pharmacists work relentlessly to give nothing but the best to the customers of Green Roads CBD.

They also have their formulations for each batch displayed online, which tilts the honesty balance more in the company’s favour.

Our Experience of Green Road CBD

Our experience has proven that the amazing quality claims of Green Roads CBD are anything but empty words. The isolate that the company sells is 99.9% pure, and they do not have any flavours and therefore, can be mixed into your beverage and foodstuff.

The gummies that Green Roads CBD sells are also just as effective, if not more, as they put it out to be.

They come in a variety of amazing flavours, and there is no need to measure or pour anything. Just pop these gummies into your mouth with no pre-requisites. They do, however, need to be kept in air conditioning; otherwise melt.

Additional Information

Some of the other positive aspects of Green Roads CBD products include:

  • Affordable Products; the prices of the products from this company are extremely nominal when the quality of the product that the company provides is considered. The amazing quality and lab tests make the products worth the price.
  • Versatility; the range of products which are offered by the company is very versatile as far as the type of products, potency, and flavours are considered.
  • Lab testing and CO2 extraction; the products are third-party tested. They use CO2 extraction method in which no harmful solvents are used, and all the THC is removed, making the products non-psycho-active.
  • There is no risk when Green Roads products are concerned because they can be returned within 30 days of the purchase if the product does not satisfy the customer. This reflects complete confidence of the brand on their products.

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The Credibility of the Company

The reliability of a CBD company is evident in its methods. Green Roads CBD is one of the most trustworthy company when it comes to quality ingredients as well as the process of cultivation.

They have left no stone unturned in making sure that their customers are provided with nothing but the best.

100% pure organic hemp is used to extract the CBD utilized by the company, and the hemp is grown in the best soil. Good quality soil yields good quality hemp. This hemp, in turn, produces good quality CBD.

Green Roads makes sure that their customers know exactly how their hemp is being cultivated. They do not keep anything undercover, and every detail about Green Roads CBD is shown.

The soil used by Green Roads is pure and has no added pesticides or harmful fungicides. The land is organic with no harmful chemicals or solvents present in it.

Their hemp plants are of the best quality and have the least amount of impurities, toxic chemicals, or heavy metals in them.

All of their full spectrum products come with a certificate showing that they contain no more than 0.3% THC. This trace amount is too low and does not cause a high. This ensures psycho-activity free products which are according to the guidelines of the FDA.

Customer Service and Approachability

Many CBD brands have the issue of unapproachability. They sell sub-standard goods and then make it impossible for the customer to reach them. The case is entirely opposite when Green Roads CBD is concerned.

The team at Green Roads puts customer satisfaction and care above everything else. They have a complaints option on their website, which registers complaints of the customers.

Furthermore, they have both their contact number and email displayed clearly on their websites.

Furthermore, they are also active on all of the leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

This only increases their honesty and transparency towards their customers. Their customers can easily reach them. The team of Green Roads CBD displays complete transparency and honesty towards it is customers.

The Negatives

There are only a few negative points when it comes to Green Roads CBD products because the brand goes to leaps and bounds to ensure their quality. One of the most significant negative factors that the company has is their shipping.

Shipping is significant for a brand. The products take some time to arrive therefore if you are in a hurry, you might prefer to buy the products from a shop instead. There is no urgent shipping option available either.

Another problem is that the company is confined within the US. A company as great as Green Roads CBD can become globally recognized if the company spreads its wings a little. They do not have worldwide shipping and therefore have limited their customer reach to a great extent.

Final Thoughts

Although the company does not have the cheapest products in the market, they do have some of the best quality products.

There is hardly any company in the market that beats Green Roads CBD in terms of pricing, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Their incredible product range and distinct extraction technique make it the best current CBD company in the US market.

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