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Phone: 702-861-2045

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About The Brand

In today’s crowded market, finding the premium CBD oil products is a considerable challenge. There are a lot of CBD brands in the market — many untrustworthy and impure stuff selling too. Every company claims that they offer the most effective CBD oil for sale; the truth is that the product quality drastically varies brand to brand. It’s crucial for any consumers to do their best research before putting your hard-earned money on any Cannabidiol product.


Over the past decade, the attention towards CBD oil has increased. Thousands of people all over the United States wants to know how and where to buy CBD products. It is essential to know which vendor to decide on before making your purchase. So, it’s time for the best CBD review. 

Who is the Evergreen Tree?

Evergreen Tree is a company based out in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have recently launched a whole new range of CBD oil products. When it comes to quality Evergreen Tree sets the bar, their CBD oil is prepared professionally in a clean facility, and you have the choice of selecting the size, flavor as well as the strength of the oil.


The quality and price that Evergreen Tree is offering to its customers are unmatched in the entire US market. The company remains very transparent about the plants they use for their CBD oil tinctures. They are offering a variety of flavors; the elements and quantity used in every product are different and serves a different situation. 


They also offer a 30-day return and money-back guarantee without any questions asked. You have nothing to lose when you buy from them; you only earn the best products at the best prices. 

Evergreen Tree Product Offerings

The type of CBD this brand is offering is pure Hemp CBD isolates. Isolates tinctures are CBD oils that have all of the other compounds removed, and it is also one of the purest forms of CBD that can be ingested. Following are the CBD isolates tinctures flavors offered by Evergreen Tree:


All the CBD oils are made with 99.5% pure Hemp CBD Isolates, with 100% pure MCT C8 oil, THC free, $35.95 – $129.95. The product offerings include:


●       CBD Oil Key Lime 

●       CBD Oil Strawberry 

●       CBD Oil Peppermin

●       CBD Oil Raspberry

●       CBD Oil Lemon 

●       CBD Oil Unflavored 


The amount of CBD oil ranges from 30ml to 100ml and 750mg to 5000mg CBD. 

1) This seller’s CBD oils come in multiple flavors with different quantities.


2) This Brand is offering CBD Isolates, which usually outperforms full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products, and for a great price.


3) Evergreen Tree’s CBD Oil is professionally prepared in a clean facility; they also ship the product in discreet packaging. 


4) This brand uses pure C8 MCT oil, which is far better than others that using MCT oil that is C8 and C10 mix.

1) Evergreen Tree does not offer edibles, gummies, capsules, or any other type of sweetened CBD product, it may become less attractive for some people. 


2) Using an increased amount of CBD isolate may not cause a correspondingly increased effect as compared to full-spectrum CBD. 


3) Company’s products are all hemp-derived, and they are not offering THC- containing CBD, even for the customers where the substance is legal. 

Third-Party Testing

All the variety of CBD products are guaranteed 3rd party tested for safety and quality purposes. Evergreen Tree CBD products are tested through each stage of the manufacturing process. While it is common for CBD companies, there are only a handful of companies that have third-party testing for every single batch that they produce.


This brand remains transparent about its third-party testing and publishes it on their site as a health issue is the number of their priority. They have a Certificate of Analysis posted on their website powered by Confident Cannabis. The originality report found 99.505% of Total CBD in their products. This report was published in December 2019. 

Key Specifications

With the number of benefits that Evergreen Tree offers to its customers, here are a few that managed to stand out. 


●       Affordable pricing: Compared to a number of brands, the prices this seller is offering to its customers is unmatched in the entire US market. 


●       Easy-to-go Shipping: They are shipping all over US with a pretty convenient return and money-back guarantee. If you want to return the product within 30 days, they will do so without any questions asked. 


●       Sale and Discounts: This brand is offering several discounts on CBD product purchases. There is a discount opportunity on first-time buying, email newsletter subscribing, return policies, and on spending a particular amount. 


●       Discreet Packaging: A lot of people want to keep the purchase of such items private and the company respects it, so all of their packaging is done discretely, at nowhere it shows the word CBD or CBD oil.


●       Guaranteed Products: All the products are 100% pure and guaranteed, and they ensure this through their website, if you are not satisfied with how the product works, you can simply contact them and ask for money-back guarantee. 


●       Third-party Lab Testing: That’s right. One of the qualities that truly help Evergreen Tree to stand out is their lab testing; each of their batch is third-party lab testing before they put up for sale.

Variety of Products Evergreen Tree is Offering

Besides the tinctures of CBD oil isolates, Evergreen Tree is offering a vast product line as well. Their product line includes: 


● Variety of Kratom Capsules

● Variety of Kratom Powder

● Variety of Extracts 



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