Is CBD Oil A Runner’s Path To A Better Athletic Performance?

If you’re a runner, then you’ll surely concur with the fact that training never goes as always planned. Athletes and especially runners, have to struggle through so much with their bodies; from falling sick to getting injured to even losing motivation during the competitive journey. What if there was a way to keep you on track as well as keep you fit, avoid injury, and boost your spirit?

The solution to all of your tensions is simply CBD Oil!

CBD has now paved its way into the Sports and Fitness Sector as well. It is really to no surprise that CBD for runners has gained huge hype. A growing number of runners, including trail runners, marathon, and even ultramarathon runners, have integrated CBD a core part of their daily regimen.

But the question is,

“Does it make any sense for a runner to embrace the idea of ditching pharmaceuticals by popping CBD infused pills, or smearing CBD creams/lotions, or even mixing the supplement into their dietary regime?

Keep reading further and find out how CBD affects athletes, especially runners:

A Quick Insider

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is undoubtedly having the time of its life in almost every sector and particularly in the health and wellness one, and that too without the snags of Marijuana.

Majority of the commercially available CBD products, like other commercially available supplements, e.g., Kratom are extracted from the legal version of Cannabis−Industrial Hemp; it contains a maximum of 0.3% concentration of THC (CBD’s psychoactive cousin).  Irrespective of the amount of THC, the products are loaded with enormous amounts of medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

[Note: In 2018 Industrial Hemp had been legalized by the passing of the Farm Bill in the US.]

The Millennial Elixir is surely a cure-all, an organic alternative to Ibuprofen or NSAIDs, an antidote to the worst mental dilemmas, a sleep aid, and even a pre/post-workout booster.

CBD products make many health claims by boosting the Endocannabinoid System of the body. The ECS is a unique hormonal system that controls the function of various internal systems.

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My Chemical Romance ft. Runners

To be honest, Endocannabinoids are very familiar to the runner. s (athletes) due to their supposed role in running-induced mood enhancers.

What’s even more interesting is that in 2019 the Worlds Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of prohibited substances removed CBD (Hemp-derived Cannabidiol).

Hemp decriminalization and companies targeting runners need to further distinguish CBD from its cultural association with Marijuana (psychoactive).

When it comes to taking a life-changing decision like embracing CBD in one’s fitness regime, runners really need to focus on the following things:

1. Research On Cbd Is Still In Its Infancy

Though, numerous studies have been conducted regarding the perks offered by CBD, especially after its legalization as a supplement, research around it is still underway and thin.  However, the future seems to hold promising scientific breakthroughs regarding CBD.

Things like optimal dosage and even delivery (e.g. cream/lotions vs. pills) are still being looked at, and while you can expect to see a lot more research getting published in the near future, the science around it is thin.

2. Check Out All Leaglitis Regarding Cbd

The status of CBD is still grey in some states of the US; since it’s derived from Cannabis. Apart from local stores, you can surely order your CBD products online as well.

Not to worry, you won’t be penalized or thrown out of the race if you’re caught using it or with it. However, you need to be aware of your state laws and regulations.

3. It Will Help You Replace Your Nsaid’s, But It Won’t Cure Your Injuries!

Yeah, you heard that correct!

Popping an OTC painkiller like Advil or Ibuprofen isn’t favorable. In fact, it puts you at a potential health risk.  Studies have shown that most OTC medications have adverse long-term effects. A safer alternative to relieve pain and inflammation is CBD.

But, there’s a catch…

CBD does not cure injuries; however, it can help to overcome it. Just like popping pills (Ibuprofen) before the event isn’t favorable, similarly relying on CBD to relieve pre- or post-run injury (pain) should not be taken into account as a healing fix.

Although research is still in its infant stages, some anecdotal evidences do steer its potential medical applications including relief from acute and even long term injuries by masking the painful symptoms.

CBD’s properties only help in boosting the healing process and not cure a runner’s injury or sprain. CBD tends to partially interact with the brain’s Serotonin and Vanilloid receptors and as a result, our affects the relaxing the neurotransmitters and hence suppressing the perception of pain.

4. Cbd Helps Fighting Pain And Inflammation

Sustaining lower-body trauma is in routine for every runner. This can lead to stress and strain building up over the passage of time. Many cross-country as well as long-distance runners have experienced issues of Bone Stress Injury (BSI), which results in localized pain and structural fatigue in bones; like Fibula, Tibia, Pelvis, Femur and even the Spine.

In addition to BSI, runner also has to deal with sprains, multiple fractures, knee injuries, muscle cramps, shin splints and a lot more stressful issues.

The biggest benefit runner can avail from CBD is for its anti-inflammatory purpose. It helps to reduce pain and heal muscles fast by reducing inflammation − key for runners in big training blocks. Many athletes, especially runners are shifting to CBD rather than using pharmaceutical alternatives.

5. Cbd Is A Safer Alternative

As compared to NSAID’s, there are currently no known adverse side effects of CBD. A study conducted in 2016 showed the positive effects of CBD helping in decreasing pain from Arthritis in rat models; an issue that runner might seem to grapple with as well.

6. You Won’t Fail A Drug Test

As crazy as it may sound, but CBD won’t get you in trouble. Whether you are an office worker or an amateur or an elite-level runner, CBD is safe to consume.

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7. Always Check Your Source

Always remember to do your homework before taking any decision. Even though CBD is claimed to be safe, however, the FDA doesn’t regulate it. Always be careful and research thoroughly about what you are about to buy and where you are buying from.

Don’t blindly trust CBD products that you find for sale at some local store or a gas station; you never know if they are genuine or fake. Similarly, don’t trust online websites either as you may never know that you have been cheated by a sneaky vendor.

Always check thoroughly for user-friendly products, the ingredients, lab reports (third-party lab testing results) and the brand profile.

This will help you in refraining from using a product loaded with toxic chemicals or even THC, which might just make you fail the dobe test.

8. Cbd Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Performance anxiety can affect a runner’s performance during or before the race.

In addition, CBD also helps in reducing stress and anxiety that can help improve the mindset and boost motivation before a big race. The CBD interacts with the body’s ECP system and helps in recovering from stress buildup.

9. Say Hello To A Good Nights Sleep!

After a strenuous workout day, who doesn’t want to chillax?

The first thing CBD consumers experience is getting better sleep. A calm mind with a good night’s sleep translates into faster recoveries and hence gives you more training time. A relaxed doze also helps in boosting overall spirits and functionality throughout the day.

CBD will surely get you intoxicated but on a beautiful and peaceful goodnight’s sleep!

10. Prompt Nausea Relief

We all tend to feel queasy and it can be a very embarrassing problem for even runners. Yes, Runner’s Stomach is surely a condition that plagues a runner out of nowhere.

Numerous factors can lead runners to divert their mind focusing on crossing the finishing line and to the BATHROOM instead. As you race, the blood rushes down towards your legs and away from your intestines and as a result, you can fall sick and even experience bowel movements.

11. Stay Hydrated, Cbd Comes Second

Always stay focused on hydration and nutrition. CBD alone won’t do wonders. However, if you mix it in your energy drinks, it possibly can! CBD is only a fraction of the runner’s comprehensive nutritional journey.

However, there is good news for runners as CBD might just be their Fairy Godmother. Various Literatures suggest CBD being a good cure for issues related to the gut.

However, do bear in mind that CBD (in extreme cases) may lead to gut issues like nausea and diarrhea. So, we strongly advise you to test the waters before diving in.

How Can You Use Cbd Oil?

Alright so you’ve dived in, but you’re still confused on how to consume it or use it? When and How to take it?

Let us dissolve all your confusions and make everything clear.

There is a huge range of types of CBD products, but among them, tinctures and topicals are highly endured.

1. Try Cbd Oil/Tinctures

Using Sublingual drops (placing a drop under the tongue) is very common among every consumer and not just runners. In comparison other products, they are the purest CBD products ever; as it isn’t processed separately. CBD Oil/ Tinctures provide great relief from inflammation, chronic pain, nausea and even provide deep sleep.

[Note: Place a drop of CBD oil under the tongue and let it absorb into the bloodstream. Do not swallow it.]

2. Go For Cbd Topicals

An alternative to CBD Oil and Tinctures are CBD Topicals. They are basically CBD infused products that you can apply to the skin (exterior application) like creams, lotions, salves, and even balms, etc.

In the running world, you will witness a lot of ‘pain relief creams’. Topicals help by directly getting absorbed into the skin and joints. They are ideal for providing relief to localized pains and muscle spasms.

They are also ideal for individuals who feel discomfort in using drops.

3. You Have To Use It Consistently

CBD is surely magic in a bottle; however, it won’t lead to amazing results in a snap! In order to experience the best effects offered by CBD, you need to use it consistently so that your conditions and worries reduce slowly, steadily and for the best.

Before jumping on the bandwagon it is important to note when to take CBD!

Take It Nightly!

Quality sleep always leads to improved health and mindset and workout recovery. Majority of CBD users take CBD Oil drops at night to help them wind down after an exhausting day and a peaceful sleep. Meanwhile, also work on the inflammation.

Integrate It Into Your Pre-Workout Regime

CBD works great for the long runs and speedy sessions as a way of getting into a steady momentum. So a runner should integrate CBD into its diet!

Even During The Big Race!

CBD has been approved by WADA and is completely safe to use even during competitions. On the contrary, NSAID’s have been known to lead to adverse conditions like hypothermia when used during physical activities. They may also cause liver and kidney damage and strokes.

Post-Run Recovery

There are many commercially available products that boost post-workout stress and strain as well. Since CBD does not lead to any complications (unless a rare case), it is perfectly safe to implement it into your post-run recovery regime.

How To Know The Exact Dose?

There is no defined dosage calculation as each individual’s body varies from one another. It is generally advised to start low and gradually increase the dose.

We strongly advise all consumers to consult a doctor and physiotherapists. Each CBD products comes in different dosage strength, choose one as per your preference.

Bottom Line

Though CBD has been tapped only at the surface level, it surely holds a very promising future, even for the athletic world. In comparison to NSAID’s, it is a safer and better organic alternative.

It can be incorporated in the pre-run, during and post-run regime. We advise you to follow all the instructions carefully and go for products of well-reputed brands. We really hope that we saved your research time! Happy Running!



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