Kratom Cause Headaches

Millions of consumers in the United States turn to kratom for pain relief, anxiety and several other health conditions that may require high-degree medication.

To avoid the irreversible effects of these medicines, kratom sounds like a haven for the alleviation of discomfort!

However, some side effects of kratom are also a matter of concern as they can be uncomfortable and persistent.

One such side effect is headaches. If it is headaches that you wanted to get rid of with the help of kratom, here is some useful information for you!

Are The Headaches Because Of Kratom?

Well, there can be a thousand reasons for headaches! From cold to cancer, numerous health concerns have headaches as a side effect.

We all know that kratom is a plant from the Southeast Asian region, which has been a part of the traditional medicines of that region.

Now it is available in the United States and is used for various conditions such as pain, anxiety, depression, and opioid withdrawal.

The kratom types are based on the color of the leaf vein. You can find green, red and white vein varieties of this botanical substance.

The method of consumption of kratom includes taking a dose of the powder with water or using capsules and extracts for ingestion. Kratom tea is also a popular way of consumption.

All three types of kratom and the way of using them causes a different impact on users.

Some kratom strains are inclined to provide euphoria, stimulation and mood enhancement while others may cause sedation and thorough pain relief.

The type of kratom you use along with the dosage of kratom is a determinant of the side effects that you might experience.

A small number of kratom users feel an increase in headaches, which implies that the reason for headaches is kratom consumption.

There can be various reasons ranging from the type of kratom to the amount of this botanical substance, for an increase in headaches.

Various Kratom Strains That May Cause Headaches

Kratom Strains

If you are new to kratom and unsure of which one to use, the recommended method of finding the most favorable strain is to try various types of kratom in small quantities.

When you start taking different kratom types to see which one suits you, keep the observation close and also try and see which one causes discomfort and headache.

Each kratom type has a different alkaloid content and if it doesn’t suit you, headaches come rushing in!

Maeng Da and Thai kratom are two varieties that carry a high risk of causing headaches among new users.

Both these strains are known for bringing stimulation and energy to users, but they can also cause muscle tension in noticeable proportions.

The headache resulting from these kinds of kratom is called a tension headache. However, even when you are consuming these two strains, an overdose causes the discomfort!

Dosage Of Kratom Might Linked To Headaches

Kratom Dosage

Every vendor and online shop stresses upon the importance of measured kratom dosage. This emphasis is due to the undesirable side effects of overdosage.

When taken in excess, kratom can cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, agitation, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

To avoid any of these effects it is best to start kratom use with a small amount of one to two grams each day. You can gradually build it up to four to five grams.

If you consume more than five grams a day, it may lead to these side effects. However, once kratom is out of your body system the side effect also subsides.

Quality Of Kratom Issue

Every online shop and vendor will always sing the same tune of quality. The reason behind so much emphasis on it is that it is important to consume good quality kratom.

If the kratom powder has any impurity or was not processed long after cultivation, the impact of the strain becomes weak.

When kratom leaves are cultivated, they are to be processed as soon as possible so the alkaloids remain active and there is no contamination.

The improper packaging of your kratom supply also gives away a lot of the alkaloid goodness. Vacuum packed and sealed kratom bags and bottles ensure good content, which users can use for benefits.

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa belongs to the coffee family, and for users who get aggravated headaches from coffee; kratom will bring the same effect!

If you get this irritation from coffee, kratom might not be your cup of tranquility and stimulation every morning.

Headaches Are The Side Effect Of Several Things

There is a chance that kratom is not the reason for your headaches at all. An aching head may be the side effect of several issues that arise due to lack of sleep, too much stress or any serious health condition.

Consuming kratom has helped millions of people and if you feel that it gives you headaches, there may be some other health condition that surfaces and are causing the pain.

Are you using the computer more? Or is there an increase in exposure to sunlight? This can cause an increase in the occurrence of headaches while you think it’s the kratom habit!

Identifying The Reason For Headaches

The first step in identifying the reason behind your new discomfort since you have started consuming kratom. You need to check the strain that you use when you this unwanted side effect.

Once you have taken note of the strain that most often causes discomfort, check the dosage that you took. Did you measure the amount of kratom you took? Was it more than five grams?

The kratom supply must be from a good online shop or vendor, who ensures not only ethical consumerism but also the delivery of a fresh stock of the product.

How To Avoid Headaches From Kratom

The simplest and foremost way to avoid the discomfort of headaches is to reduce the dosage of kratom.

The reduction in amount will lessen the warming effect and muscle tension, which is usually the cause of pain.

Several other remedies may reduce the headache significantly. Try massaging shoulder muscles and the neck to reduce muscle tension while improving circulation.

People who get migraines can vouch that a calming massage can improve with pain management and reduce the discomfort.

You may also try counter pain killers but that will only mean exposing the body systems to chemicals, which is not a desirable act.

There is some research on the cause of migraines from kratom but unfortunately, no solid reason is seen.

Therefore, only scientific study is used to understand how the body may react when an overdosage occurs.

The changes in chemistry from kratom is usually observed in people who are already prone to discomfort due to substance overdosage.

Such users report headaches from lack of sleep, over-working or even consuming coffee!

Another simple way to reduce this unwanted side effect of kratom dosage is to consume water in larger quantities.

This water intake helps excrete alkaloids and metabolites from the body, retaining freshness and stimulation.

The User Experience Of Headaches From Kratom

On social media pages, there are hundreds of discussions about kratom headaches.

Several users have shared their experiences about using red vein kratom and getting headaches as a result.

This side effect may be because red vein kratom has a higher alkaloid content, which may cause an increase in blood pressure or metabolism.

Several users feel that since kratom is a diuretic, water consumption has to increase with dose so that they don’t feel dehydrated and stressed.

Other users felt that when they stopped buying from a certain shop, the headaches stopped!

One user stressed upon the dosage of kratom as whenever she consumed more than 6 grams, it triggered pain whereas a smaller dose made her feel stimulated. Kratom headaches can be treated with the drug Excedrin.

One dosage of the pain killer will let the headache subside but for next time, users must remain careful about the time at which they consume a red vein kratom variation.

Red veins are sedative and a higher dose brings about this impact sooner.

If you consume red vein kratom during the day, it might cause a heavy head and nausea since it is specifically to correct the sleep cycle.

Similarly, any energizing kratom strain consumed at night might reduce sleep hours, causing a headache the following day!


There are several reasons for headaches, which can be a simple day to day routine or a health issue.

However, users’ experiences and some study on various strains show that kratom headache is due to some specific reasons.

These may include a higher dosage than recommended or a certain strain that may not suit the users. Additionally, the quality of kratom also brings about this side effect.



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