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Did you ever trust a company only to have your trust broken and get zero value for what you paid for? Or did you get into a deal without knowing all the terms and conditions and regretted your decision later?

It’s okay, we all have. And to prevent this from happening again here’s everything you need to know about the kratom company called Inland Botanicals.

No-one wants to waste their money on bad kratom companies. So, let me walk you through the ultimate guide to Inland Botanicals.

Products at Inland Botanicals

Inland Botanicals is mainly a kratom company but also sells some CBD and skincare products.

The kratom variety at the company is great, and it offers five different strains. These are yellow, white, red, green, and gold. Within each strain, there are further choices available based on the location that kratom is grown in. This makes the variety even greater.

The yellow strain has the most limited options — actually one option, and that is Maeng Da. The white strain has a lot to offer. You can choose between Thai, Maeng Da, Indo, Borneo, and Bali kratom. Then, there are four strains available in the red category. These are Maeng Da, Kapuas Hulu, Borneo, and Bali.

The green strain also offers four choices, and these are Malay, Maeng Da, Horn, and Bali. Finally, if you are a fan of gold kratom, you can choose between Maeng Da and Bali in this category.

Perhaps the biggest bummer here is that the company doesn’t offer capsules! I know, it’s annoying. All kratom products are available only as powders — no capsules and no leaves. Say goodbye to kratom tea. The company also doesn’t offer enhanced kratom extracts, and if you are looking for strong “highs,” you should check out another vendor.

The blends at Inland Botanicals are unique and interestingly named. There are five blends available — Yellow Brick Road, The Bulgarian, Solar Flare, Green Lantern, and Counting Sheep. Blends mix two or more kratom strains. Since different strains have different major effects, blends are a great way to create “new” effects. 

For example, the Yellow Brick Road blend mixes green, yellow, and gold veins to instill tranquility and boost customers’ moods. If you’re interested in blends, I highly recommend you to visit the company’s Blends section.

Also interesting at Inland Botanicals is the Bundled category. If you’re a beginner looking for the right strain for yourself — or if you are an experienced user looking for a different strain to use — this category will be helpful for you. You can buy a 50-gram Sampler for $10, in which you can choose 10 grams of any five different strains.

If you are looking for more variety, you can buy the 100-gram sampler for $20. Here, you can include 10 grams of 10 different strains. And finally, if you’re looking for greater quantity, you can check out the Kilo Assortment pack. It includes 250 grams each of 4 different strains and costs $120.

Other products at the company include hand sanitizers, body lotions, and other skincare and CBD products. If you’re interested, you can check them out at the website, but the variety is very limited.

How safe are the company’s products?

The company claims its products are 100% pure, without additives or chemicals. But the company is not verified by the American Kratom Association’s GMP program, so we don’t know if its manufacturing processes are safe and up to the standards.

Interestingly, instead of getting tested in a lab, each kratom shipment is tested by five different individuals before it’s put up for sale. This, of course, is a less reliable method to test for safety and efficacy, and it’s a bit unethical too (think about those five poor guys).

Since the company doesn’t lab-test its products, safety and efficacy are a serious concern, but I think we can take the company’s word on it. The vendor seems honest — it hasn’t made false claims about kratom (some vendors have made outrageous claims), and it prominently mentions that the FDA hasn’t reviewed or approved kratom for any illness. 

Additionally, if you’re under 18, the company will not sell you kratom, although I am not sure how it will verify your age.

What do customers think about the vendor?

There are a lot of testimonials present on the company’s website, and each one seems to dote over the company. But are they real? We can never know.

Google Reviews rate the company at 5/5, but the rating is based on only 12 opinions. One of them praises the company’s owner, Nathan, for his excellent customer service.

Similarly, the 5/5 rating on Facebook is based on only four votes. 

But, if you read the testimonials on the website, you’ll find that they are quite detailed, and I think it would be a good idea to believe them and give the company one chance.

Pricing at Inland Botanicals

Kratom at Inland Botanicals is very cheap. This may be because it’s still a small company (compared to other vendors). Remember, the company isn’t, AKA GMP verified.

For example, 1 oz of red Borneo kratom is available for $7 at the company. You’ll find the same product priced at $15.99 at PurKratom and $33 at Red Devil Kratom. This is a huge difference, and prices should be compared, keeping in mind the quality of kratom. 

But if you’re a beginner, I think you can trust Inland Botanicals to give you a feel of kratom, and you may even be impressed by the quality of kratom you receive. 

Shipping, Payment, and Return Options


The company ships via USPS, and it’s one of those rare companies which ship outside the USA. It ships to Mexico and Canada too.

Within the USA, the company ships to all locations except the following: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Sarasota County (Florida), San Diego (California), Jerseyville (Illinois), Vermont, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and District of Columbia. Even if you’re outside these locations, it’s always a good idea to check your local laws regarding kratom before ordering it online.

Free or same-day shipping isn’t available, but if you place your order before 2 PM EST, you’ll receive it within 1-2 days.

The company offers various shipping categories. With USPS First Class, you pay $4.50, and with Priority Mail, you pay $7.50 for shipping. If you want your order within 1-2 days, choose Express shipping, which costs $25.40. If you’re in Canada or Mexico, higher shipping rates will apply.


There are five main methods available. You can pay through Venmo/CashApp, eCheck, Bitcoin, money order, and other cryptocurrencies. 

If you’re buying for the first time, you can’t pay through a credit/debit card, but you can do so from your second purchase and onwards.

There’s a limit of $500 on orders paid through a credit/debit card. If your order exceeds $500 and you wish to pay via a credit/debit card, you’ll have to contact the company to confirm before they can process your order.


The company has no clear return policy, and it seems they are hesitant to return orders. “All sales are final,” is what they mention on their website.

However, they do mention that returns can be claimed in certain circumstances and that customers can contact the company in case an issue arises. What these circumstances are is not mentioned. 

What are the company’s best-sellers?

It’s not surprising that the company’s best-sellers include blends. The three best-sellers are Solar Flare, White Maeng Da, and the Bulgarian. All are priced at $3.50 for 10 grams and $110 for 1 kg, with options to choose between these extremes.

Solar Flare is a blend of red, white, and gold Maeng Da and some elephant kratom. If you suffer from chronic pain or need a bit of happy energy, you should check this product out.

White Maeng Da is a famous kratom strain that’s said to have properties of mental alertness and increased concentration. Check it out if you want to see through your mental cloudiness. 

And finally, the Bulgarian is another blend that’s similar to Solar Flare except that it has green instead of gold Maeng Da. You should check it out if you’re looking for extra energy and motivation to sizzle through long, tiring days.


Here’s a quick summary to give you a clear picture of what Inland Botanicals has to offer you. 


  • Good kratom variety
  • Blends available
  • Good variety-pack options — the company call these Bundles
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Economical kratom — way cheaper than some other companies
  • Ships to Canada and Mexico too (in addition to the USA)
  • Offers shipping category choice
  • A lot of payment options


  • Only powdered form available
  • No extracts
  • Customer feedback volume too low
  • No credit card payment the first time you pay
  • Very unclear return policy — expect no returns
  • No cash-on-delivery
  • No free or same-day shipping

Final Thoughts

I think kratom at Inland Botanicals is economical. Although the customer reviews don’t have enough volume, the kratom is cheap, and you should give it a shot, especially if you are a beginner.



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