Sticky Seeds Review – Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online

If you are a die-hard cannabis seeds fan, you most definitely have heard of Sticky Seeds. The lucky ones might have got a chance to even shop from here.

Out of all the online cannabis seed banks and vendors, Sticky Seeds is the cheapest!

Eyebrows raised?

Calm down!

Cheap Seeds don’t always imply poor or law-grade quality. With a promise to offer uncompromising standards, their seed genetics are just as good and stable as the most expensive!

Buy and Grow In Confidence From Sticky Seeds!

People who have never tried Sticky Seeds don’t know what they are missing. So, for the all unfortunate folks out there who never got hands on their products, Guidance PA brings you this detailed review of the brand, covering all the aspects:

About Sticky Seeds

The journey to where Sticky Seeds stands today, all began as a cannabis blogging hobby back in 2014. The blogger’s research on numerous cannabis strains and genetics led them to think about all the short-comings of the cannabis seeds industry – the foremost being the exorbitant prices that cost the collectors an arm or a leg.

This paved the way for the launch of this seed bank in 2019 to “make some of the most sought-after strains affordable to everyone regardless of the financial budget”. 

The company took significant steps forward in this quest, and there was literally no looking back since then. Owing to their outstanding quality and affordable pricing, they quickly caught market attention and rose to fame.

Their seeds are the product of their relentless hard work and unceasing care, and so is their customer support and shipping.

Sticky Seeds is nothing like another seed bank. The foundations of the company were laid on the principles of unleashing and maximizing the valuable benefits of this god-gifted plant and extending it for the well-being of the people.

Over time, the team members mastered their craft to bring forth an excellent product range that guarantees comforts past beyond low-pricing.

Salient Features

A One-Stop Shop For All the Cheap Cannabis Strains

  1. Lowest Prices: Perhaps the foremost reason for the company’s tremendous growth and solid reputation is its attractive pricing policy combined with the top-notch quality strains from only the most trusted suppliers in the books. 
  2. Amazing Discounts: The company takes pride to offer year-round discounts, incentives on bulk buying and bargains on all their products to which the promise of quality and germination rate applies nonetheless.
  3. Massive Product Database: Our cannabis seed genetics have been honed and perfected over the years, and our catalogue now boasts some of the finest and most stable seed collections, available anywhere (including feminized, auto-flowering and regular strains).
  4. High Germination Rate: All their seeds promise a whopping 93% germination rate. What more can you ask for?
  5. Best Quality Strains: Have you ever bought seeds from a renowned store that didn’t meet your expectations? So, what if Sticky Seeds guarantee the lowest prices in town? They never compromise on the quality. Each strain is meticulously hand-checked and tested before being available to purchase to ensure consistency as well as genetic stability.
  6. Safe Practices: They implement the latest system of storehouse control to retain freshness. All seeds are stored in modern, temperature-controlled refrigerators.
  7. Innovation: ]Their unprecedented love of the humble plant is the driving force behind the development and introduction of new seed genetics now and then.
  8. Customer Support: All our practices revolve around the needs of you our consumers without whom it is impossible for us to survive and thrive.
  9. Strain Finder: Their intuitive strain finder makes it insanely easy for all the users to select the best one according to their needs.
  10. Privacy: They understand their customer’s concerns when it comes to the buying of the much-stigmatized cannabis seeds. Therefore, they take care of your privacy from the moment they start packing your order in plain wrappers (to conceal the ingredients inside) until they get it delivered at your door.

Product Highlights of Sticky Seeds

They Aim to Be the Best, Not The Biggest!

Sticky Seeds product portfolio is VAST and literally doesn’t leave any demand unanswered.

The seed bank is a collaboration of their in-house breeding enthusiasts who create unique strains as well as the work of third-party expert breeders who offer high-quality cannabis seeds.

Let us give you a sneak-peak into some of their incredible strains:

a. Popular Feminized Seeds

  1. Pineapple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  2. Blue Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  3. U.K. Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  4. OG Diesel Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  5. Amnesia Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

b) Popular Auto-flowering Seeds

  1. Auto Blue Kush Cannabis Seeds
  2. Auto Kush XL Cannabis Seeds
  3. Auto Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds
  4. Auto Moby Dick Cannabis Seeds
  5. Auto Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Sticky Seeds Vs Others

Have you tried others? Now it’s time to try the better. Here is why:

  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed
  • Stringent Quality Control Measures
  • Diverse Product Portfolio
  • Hassle-free Ordering Process
  • Safe and Secure Payment Options
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Super-fast Worldwide Delivery
  • Exceptional Customer Support

Their Process

They offer all types of branded beans from well-known seed banks around the world.

Wish to place an order?

The process is incredibly simple!

After browsing their extensive catalogue of cannabis strains or using the strain finder, select the strain of your choice and hit the checkout button to send your order to the data centre. After confirming stock availability, they will confirm your order within minutes.

Now sit back and count the hours while their diligent team members source your selection from temperature-controlled cannabis seed vaults and pass them through quality control checks.

All seeds will be meticulously scrutinized and assessed for any damage or inconsistency to make sure customers receive the most pristine seeds.

Next, your order is packaged in specially designed padded and discrete envelopes in quantities of 1, 3, 5, 10 or 50 (of course, the larger the pack you buy, the cheaper it gets).

Taadaa! The order is ready to be shipped at your door-steps- in any part of the world (where laws permit).

P.S: If you are unable to find any particular type of strain or need any further guidance don’t hesitate to get in touch: One can either reach the team at Sticky Seeds through Contact Us Form or give them a call at ___ or drop an email at ____. They will try their utmost to get the request fulfilled.

Shipping and Payment Options

The team at Sticky Seeds endeavours to maintain a high standard of customer service by assuring the safety of your transactions, shipping privacy, and solving any misfortunate incidents. Their low-priced cannabis seeds are shipped all over the globe (where laws allow) including the UK, USA, Italy, Spain and the rest of Europe.

For the customers’ ultimate ease and convenience, they accept 100% discreet online payments through a plethora of mediums, including BitCoins, Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard) and direct bank transfers.

Message From The C.E.O

 “Sticky Seeds was established with the vision of providing every collector with the best yet cheapest cannabis seeds. Therefore, instead of simply pocketing our savings, we pass them on to the benefit of our loyal customers. At Sticky Seeds, there is no room for flaws- no matter how little. For this end, we sell only the world-class strains from the most prestigious breeders. In so doing, our incomparable value lies not just in our unbeatable prices, but also in the quality of our service. Our rich heritage of performance, as well as the positive customer feedback, means the world to us. A BIG shout out to all our fans who trust us and respect us.”

The Gist

In a nutshell, if you are hunting for that perfect vendor to browse through many cheap cannabis seeds all at once, Sticky Seeds is the place to opt for.

Whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur, Sticky Seeds caters to the needs of all. So, what is holding you back? To kick back, relax, browse through and drool over their unrivalled collection!



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