Can Delta 8 Cause Headaches Or Rebound Headaches?

Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for years. The use of delta 8 has proven to be a safer form of cannabis consumption without worrying about defying any laws since delta 8 is a widely legal substance across most states. It provides the same qualities but with lesser intoxicating effects as compared to THC.

Multiple studies have proven that daily use of medications for countering headaches can lead to rebound headaches, also known as medication overuse headache, in the long run. 

There is also a growing concern that the use of cannabis-related products to counter headaches is no different, whether it’s tension headache or migraine. As stated by a study on the use of cannabis for headache disorders.

Now that we know that cannabis may be linked with causing rebound headaches, let’s dive into the main topic of this article and discuss if delta 8 causes headaches or rebound headaches.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is an isomer of Delta 9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), one of the main compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants, the other being CBD (cannabidiol). Isomer, in chemical terms, refers to identical compounds with slight differences in variations. 

Delta 8 is formed and extracted through synthesis and isolation of Delta 9 in cannabis and hemp plants. Delta 8 is a better and more stable variant of THC hence it is also safer to consume. Because of the above-mentioned reasons, it is a widely available derivative of cannabis compared to marijuana which is still restricted and considered illegal in most parts of the states.

Delta 8 THC: Uses

The consumers of delta 8 consider it to be a great addition to have in your daily routine, whether for medicinal reasons or its euphoric qualities. As it has relaxing, calming properties that make one attentive and sociable, while also giving a feeling of being at rest.

It’s available in a variety of products that you can choose based on your preferences such as tinctures, edibles, vapes, cartridges, infused flowers, and even pre-rolled joints. If efficiently consumed, delta 8 can have promising health benefits in addition to its positive mood-lifting qualities.

As hinted above, delta 8 has proven to be a great source of pain reliever as it has anti-inflammatory properties that help with pain reduction. So, it is used as a pain killer in certain conditions. Besides being a substance that helps with pain reduction, it is also proved to be a great antiemetic substance to fight off nausea.

Can Delta 8 Cause Headaches Or Rebound Headaches?

Due to delta 8’s low potency of THC, it not only has lesser intoxicating psychoactive effects but also has a milder approach to interacting with our system as opposed to marijuana. Although cannabis, in general, is used to treat headaches or migraines, delta 8 can have a better impact as it has little to no mind-numbing effects.

So, can delta 8 cause headaches? Well, no. There haven’t been any reported cases regarding the use of delta 8 causing headaches. Since delta 8 is available to consume in a variety of forms such as edibles, tinctures, and oils, the chances of dehydration are comparatively low unless smoked, which then again, is pretty moderate compared to the dehydrating after-effects of marijuana.

And what about delta 8 causing rebound headaches? To be direct, it is a bit complicated. We know that our system grows a tolerance for any kind of drug which leads to increased use of the substance. If delta 8 is over consumed especially through smoking, it can potentially lead to dehydration which has a substantial role in causing rebound headaches. 

The chances of these unwanted effects rely on the dosage of delta 8 and can vary from user to user. As everyone might respond differently to separate doses of the substance, it is uncertain at what pace these rebound headaches occur.

How To Safely Consume Delta 8 To Avoid Headaches?

While the research is limited on this topic, we can reflect on a few studies conducted on rebound headaches caused by cannabis. Healthline’s interview with stated the following:

“Cannabis can cause rebound headaches, the two most common reasons are dehydration and overuse, especially via the inhaled route of delivery. Cannabis can cause the mucous membranes to become drier and increase the thickness of the mucous.”

“This, plus inadequate water intake, often results in rebound headaches that come on as the cannabis is wearing off.”

“The effectiveness of the treatment diminishes, and rebound headaches are more common,” states Sulak. 

It is stated that while cannabis is recommended and prescribed for headaches and migraines, it can also be a problem if you’re not too careful as it leads to rebound headaches if taken without caution. Similarly, delta 8 can also lead to these effects in the long run due to overconsumption and frequent intake. 

Moreover, the method of consumption is also an important factor when it comes to treating a headache. It’s suggested that ingesting delta 8 is beneficial as compared to smoking because the latter can cause dehydration. Hence, choosing delta 8 edibles may be a good idea to avoid any possibilities of rebound headaches.

Final Thoughts

The topic can be confusing as there is no certain answer due to lack of research, but with the little bit of research we have, we can assess how delta 8 usage may cause headaches or rebound headaches.

Compared to cannabis and marijuana, delta 8 is a much better derivative due to its lesser intoxicating effects and similar therapeutic benefits. When prescribed for headaches, delta 8 can be a great pain reliever if it is consumed in proper dosage.

If you want to add delta 8 to your routine and benefit from its pain-relieving effects, make sure that you discuss your choices with your medical practitioner to consider the interactions caused by delta 8 if you also use other medications.

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