Does CBD Expire? – CBD Shelf Life And Storage Tips

CBD is a short form of Cannabidiol that is extracted from the flowers of the Hemp plant. It does not produce a psychoactive buzz, and you can’t get high after taking it. CBD is used to prepare various products, including capsules, extracts, topicals, and many others.

Many users around the globe are often concerned about the life of this cannabinoid. They get confused about whether it expires or not. If it does, how long it can last? Do you have the same concern in mind? Looking for some solid answer? Well, this guide has covered everything in this regard. Let’s get into the details.

Can CBD Expire?

Everything in this world has a specific period to showcase the real potential. Similarly, like all other herbal products, CBD also has a particular lifespan. It gets expired after that. Initially, it starts losing its potency with time. Then, it starts going bad, and if you keep on taking its dosage, it may be harmful to your health.

Once it loses its potency level, it is unable to perform its actual functions in your body, and you will feel that you are not getting what you are looking for. If you have purchased an older CBD bottle from the market, it will not give you the desired influence.

What Precisely Is The Shelf-Life Of CBD?

Generally, CBD lasts for about 1 to 2 years, but it depends on how you store it. Excessive heat is one of the factors that reduces the potency of this cannabinoid. Moreover, direct sunlight is another parameter that directly impacts CBD potency and why it goes bad.

If you have purchased premium-quality products, they are going to last longer for sure. The less processed products and don’t contain any other ingredients usually serve you in the long run. Pure CBD items have a long shelf-life compared to their flavored versions. This fact is that every ingredient comes with a specific lifespan that directly affects the life of CBD as a whole.

CBD products are being sold with an expiration date printed on the labels. Don’t forget to check it if you are out for the purchase or plan to do it in the near future. The idea of displaying expiry dates on the labels was suggested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it has become a proper law these days. It helps you avoid buying outdated products and ensure good health for you.

What Are The Important Factors CBD Shelf-Life Depends Upon?

According to Leaf Nation, Certain factors are directly associated with the lifespan of this cannabinoid. Developing an understanding of these parameters is necessary to protect your CBD stock for a long time. A few major factors are listed and explained below:

Extraction Process

When it comes to CBD extraction, the sellers adopt a couple of different extraction methods, and the carbon dioxide method is one of them. It is the most effective way of extracting CBD but is quite complicated at the same time. It makes sure that CBD has a consistent amount with other phytocannabinoids. This method is usually used to extract broad and full-spectrum cannabidiol oil.

The carbon dioxide method helps CBD last longer. Ethanol extraction is a great alternative if the manufacturer can’t afford the setup to carry out this process.

Place Of Buying

Due to enough saturation in the CBD industry, thousands of vendors are selling their products around the globe. It has made it very difficult for buyers to find all-natural products. The newbies are at great risk compared to the regular users because they don’t even know how to check if CBD products they are buying are pure and free from additives.

Therefore, the selection of the right seller plays a key role in how long CBD can last. Selecting a trustworthy merchant is another challenging task. However, there are a few things that you can consider to determine the credibility of any seller. Take a closer look at the product line, lab-test reports, shipping and return policies, and customer support services, of course.


The top sellers provide you with premium packaging to protect all the products from external damages like heat, temperature, humidity, and other similar parameters. Good quality packaging increases the lifespan of CBD to a great extent.

Storage Methods

The way you store CBD goods is directly associated with the period they are going to last for. Try avoiding excessive oxygen coming into your storage jars. It will increase the shelf-life of your products for sure.

How Can I Store CBD To Increase Its Shelf-Life?

Hopefully, you are now familiar with that cannabidiol is quite sensitive to sunlight, heat, oxygen, and humidity. Therefore, you need to keep your CBD away from all these things. Do you know how you can do that? Don’t really? Well, I’ve listed a couple of effective techniques that will be useful for you to store this cannabinoid in the long run. Let’s have a look at them all.

Airtight Packaging

CBD starts losing its properties when exposed to excessive oxygen; therefore, it usually comes in airtight packaging. Once you open it for personal use, it is a must for you to seal it again right after the usage. If you don’t do this, it may lose its potency. Dark glass cans and medical-grade bottles are perfect for storing this cannabinoid.

Appropriate Temperature

CBD products, including its oils, perform well at room temperature that ranges between 16 and 21 degrees Celsius. Any temperature levels above this threshold will be harmful to the products and will reduce the overall shelf-life.

Choose Cool & Dark Place

Since CBD can go bad if exposed to direct sunlight, always try storing it in dark and cool areas at your home. You can keep it in drawers, kitchen cabinets, and other similar places.

Final Words

CBD can serve you for about 1 to 2 years, and the duration varies depending upon how you store this cannabinoid. If you’ve stored it well, it is going to last longer. Keeping it away from higher temperatures, humidity, and excessive air increases the shelf-life.



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