Can You Buy SARMs legally?

Fitness and health have become the prime concern for people these days. Many people join the gym, play outdoor games to stay active and healthy. No matter what people do to keep themselves healthy and fit, there is always a possibility of plateauing. Many people seem fit and healthy but are not able to gain muscle mass.

For that, many people have seemed to use supplements that have helped them stay fit and increase muscle mass. In recent years, the demand for SARMs has skyrocketed among athletes and college students who play outdoor sports. It has become the popular choice and is sold with the label of “supplements” on them.

Many of you might have heard of these supplements and been using them, but there is a question regarding SARMs: Are SARMs legal? You will get to know the answer later but first, learn what SARMs are.

What Are SARMs?

SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, are the type of drugs that works as an anabolic steroid. These drugs were synthesized in 1990 specifically for medical use and labeled as “research drugs” but have been used more by bodybuilders and athletes.

SARMs activate the selective androgen hormones in the body, thus encouraging muscle mass. Androgen hormones are the hormones produced in both men and women but have more amount in men. It includes testosterone which is responsible for the production of muscle mass and strength.

People who use SARMs enjoy a more physical workout at the gym than those who don’t. These drugs activate the cells that produce androgens, and boosting hormones will increase muscles’ strength and size, burning more fat. These drugs have been working more effectively in the diseases like muscle atrophy, osteoporosis, obesity, etc. SARMs are considered as potential drugs which are being researched and under clinically trial basis. Austrian and Andrain are the best-researched SARMs yet.

Are SARMs legal And Safe To use?

SARMs fall under section no. 2 of the Anti-Doping Act. According to the law, it is illegal to use, prescribe, sell, trade, use on other people, or acquire it in insignificant quantities. In addition, there is another act no.3, named AntiDopG, which states that it is strictly forbidden to use any doping agent on oneself without prescription with the intention of competition in sports and building muscle mass.

The drug that gets limelight comes under strict supervision. The same is the case with SARMs. Due to its excessive use these days, everyone is concerned about its legality. There is a lot of misinformation about the legitimacy of SARMs on social media. Few companies have entirely banned them and considered them illegal. The laws of legality in all countries apply to SARMs, Cardarine, Ostarine, etc. According to some sections, small quantities of SARMs are permitted to use.

According to the doping substance quantity ordinance, the maximum allowed quantity of SARMs is 90mg. Many supplements of SARMs have dosages of 10,20mg, so you have to repeat it four or five times a day to make it a measured dose. Also, a precaution needs to be kept in mind that “if you are going to take part in an athletic competition, it is strictly prohibited to consume substances like SARMs.” They take blood samples and run tests that measure the dose of the drug consumption. So you have to beware and stop taking SARMs at least a month before the competition.

SARMs In Sports Competitions

As mentioned above, you cannot take SARMs in any athletic competition, no matter how tempting it sounds. Since 1998, these drugs have been banned on the list given by the World Anti-doping Agency. Since 2013, 90mg dose of SARMs has also been restricted by Doping Substances Quantities Regulation law. However, after all the precautions, many athletes and college students consume them and sometimes face the consequences.

So the point is, SARMs are sold as Research Chemical or ”not for human consumption drugs”. Companies that purchase and sell them label them as research drugs. It means it is yet to be researched by the chemists, and it would take years to get the certificate of legality.  

Are SARMs Steroids?

SARMs work the same way as steroids, but they are NOT steroids. When other transition methods fail, this gives people the possibility of adding more muscle mass and get healthier. The legality of SARMs doesn’t lend itself to a single and straightforward answer. That’s why few drug types of SARMs are legal and sold under prescription, but others are strictly prohibited and considered illegal.

The certification of legality is due just because of its structural similarities to steroids. Steroids are blunt drugs with a lot of side effects. They help boost immunity and muscle mass but cause hair loss, skin issues like acne, reproductive health issues, and many more.

On the contrary, SARMs are the ”tissue-selective drugs“. They target the specific tissue without setting off the same reaction chain to the nearby tissues, thus limiting its effects. That’s why they get an advantage over steroids because they don’t have as many side effects as steroids.

Due to the resemblance with steroids, high demand, and usage of SARMs, the US regulators launched a crackdown. The FDA center of drug evaluation director says that unscrupulous companies produce, purchase, and sell SARMs, which makes them concerned about people’s health.

Moreover, they say that buying and selling of SARMs are just research-based, and no company held the legality certification. So, it is said that these drugs are research-based and are not approved by FDA and other authorities. 

Age limit To Use SARMS

There is another question regarding the legality of SARMS that at what age is it legal to start taking these supplements? As you know that SARMS has become popular among youth, especially college athlete students who take part in sports competitions. They want to develop muscle mass and increase stamina at any cost. For them, there is a strict age limit to use SARMS. College-going boys under 18 years cannot buy and consume SARMS legally. The companies selling SARMS to them illegally will be held accountable for this act as FDA has not approved this drug yet. However, the labs synthesize SARMS with the precaution to delay its use as much as possible because it is better to have side effects later in life than earlier in age.

Where Can You Buy SARMs legally?

Unfortunately, SARMs are being prepared and sold by illegal labs or private candidates who secretly sell them to college students at cheap rates. This activity is illegal.

If you want to purchase SARMs, you can find many reliable stores on the internet that give controlled regulated doses according to your BMI, that too, under prescription. You should carefully look into the list available on the FDA website to know which SARMs are safe to use. 


Few SARMs like Cardarine, Ostraine, Andrain are legal to buy under prescription and controlled dose while others, under the act, are not legal. Overall, SARMs are research-based drugs and are not approved to be used freely. Potential regulation of SARMs is under consideration in certain countries, and it will take a few years to get approved. Also, these “legal under prescription drugs” are banned to use in sports due to their unfair advantages in the competition.

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