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Formed in 2012, Liquid Marijuana THC eJuice is Oranje Pharma’s specialty, alongside other Cannabis Concentrates. They are riding the ever-growing wave of THC popularity and believe that these potent forms of Marijuana are the future.

Oranje Pharma is a staunch advocate of the use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes as they think of it as a healthier alternative. Being an online store, you can have their products delivered almost anywhere in Canada. They, as of this point, don’t have any physical vendors.

We can see their drive to convince people of this healthier alternative by the use of personal experiences. The owner describes his own experience with a Renal Colic and permanent damage to his back.

Although the idea of using cannabis for pain management was not new, what was inspired was the idea of infusing cannabis oil with eJuice.

This idea is the driving force behind Oranje Pharma. The owner came up with it after countless judgmental stares he had to sit through after medicating due to the smile.

Infusing cannabis oil with eJuice would privatize this medication and make it easier for people to use it. All you need is 30 minutes away from everyone, and then there will be no trace of you having medicated yourself at all.

How Are Our Products Sourced & Extracted?

Quality is the top priority at Oranje Pharma. They produce top-quality cannabis oil and their stealthy flavored THC/CBD Vape juice. Their BC buds are harvested and extracted with precaution to then be crafted with a remarkable blend of both indica and sativa strains.

Their suppliers for the Indica strain are OG Kush, while Girl Scout Cookie supplies them with the sativa dominant hybrid strain. The purpose of using these specific strains in combination is to provide a wide cannabinoid profile. These particular strains are best used for relaxation, anxiety relief, and to treat depression.

What further makes their products worthwhile is the fact that they are all-natural and organic. There is nothing synthetic within any of Oranje Pharma’s products. They use naturally grown cannabis oil extract, which is then thinned with PG/VG blend so that it can function in a clearomizer.

The propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) used is 70/30, and these two make up the primary ingredient of the e-liquid. Both of them are FDA approved and safe to use.

At the same time, the stealth comes from the removal of everything except for the essential oils, which means that there is no smell to be given off.

What Kinds Of Products Are Available At Oranje Pharma?

There are two broad types of products you can choose from at Oranje Pharma. If you are comfortable with pure cannabis oil, then you can opt for it. While for a stealthier, more discreet choice, you can go for the THC e-liquid.

Within vape juice and e-liquid, you can either choose a flavored vape juice or a non-flavored one. You can choose from several flavors; Strawberry, grape, raspberry, Hawaiian, fresh mint, and the combo flavor of Oranje Pharma.

The potency and quality for all vape juices are the same, and so are the available bottle sizes. Choosing a flavored vape juice will only make the experience more natural.

At the same time, if you are looking for pure cannabis oil, that is also available at Oranje Pharma. The 95% pure THC/CBD cannabis oil concentrates that are available at Oranje Pharma are also known as honey oils.

Not only this, you don’t need to go anywhere else to get everything you need to start vaping THC/CBD as Oranje Pharma also provides starter kits for you. There is the deluxe starter kit, which contains 2x2ml of flavored liquid THC eJuice, 1g of Pure Cannabis Oil, and the vaping equipment.

The equipment includes 2 Kanger mini-ProTank3. All this makes this starter kit a very cost-effective option. At the same time, for a more reasonable option, you can choose the standard starter kit. This only contains the juice and no pure cannabis oil.

Furthermore, you can also find individual equipment at Oranje Pharma. If your battery has died or is no longer functioning, you can get the Kanger EVOD 900mAh Spare Battery. The same is the case with atomizers and clearomizers.

You can get the M7 Wax or Cannabis Oil Atomizer or the M6 Glass Gloe Wax or Cannabis Oil Atomizer. The Kangertech Mini Protank-3 Clearomizer is also available.

How Potent Are Their eJuices & Cannabis Oil?

Oranje Pharma uses 5 grams of bone dry high-grade marijuana to produce 1 gram of golden honey oil. The oil itself contains 95% pure cannabis extract. The pure concentrate is much more potent than the vape juice.

You can choose from 1 gram, 3 grams or 5 grams of pure cannabis oil concentrates. The potency of pure cannabis oil concentrates very high, which is why they are an acquired taste.

At the same time, the THC eJuice is approximately at 20% strength or 200mg per ml. The PG/VG ratio used is 4:1. This means that in a 2ml bottle of THC eJuice, there would be around 400mg of THC.

So, this will increase to 2000mg or 2grams of cannabis oil extract. You can acquire the eJuice in various quantities. From as small as a 2ml bottle to as big as a 60ml bottle, you can choose exactly how much of it you need.

Given this potency, although 4-8 puffs will produce a medicated effect. This dosage is still dependent on your body chemistry and the severity of your condition. It is desirable to start slow and increase your dosage to get used to the effect it has.

Are The Products At Oranje Pharma Reasonably Priced?

As far as prices are concerned, Oranje Pharma is reasonable. For flavored and non-flavored eJuice, you can get a 3ml a bottle which will last you more than ten days if you are an everyday user for 40$. A 60ml bottle will cost you 600$.

At the same time, you can get 1g of pure cannabis oil for 50$ while you can get 5g of it for 200$. The six flavor combo pack of 2ml vape juice for each flavor will also cost you 200$.

The most cost-effective options you have are the starter kits. You can get the deluxe starter kit with 80$ worth eJuice, 50$ worth of pure cannabis oil, and the equipment for 150$. A standard starter kit without the pure cannabis oil will cost you a 100$.

At the same time, for orders costing over $99, shipping is free. There isn’t a way for you to return products or get refunds. This makes it a risky investment.

When it comes to the individual pieces of equipment, both atomizers and the clearomizer cost 15$ while the battery costs 10$.

How Can You Get Their Products Delivered?

Oranje Pharma accepts two payment methods for the time being. It accepts Bitcoin and Interac – E Transfer and gives a special discount for using bitcoin.

At the same time, it is essential to note the rapid delivery time that Oranje Pharma has. Although it is held back since it only operates in Canada, its quick delivery makes up for it.

Are There Products Safe?

There is no mention of any third-party lab tests that are carried out to ensure the safety of their products. This would be a huge problem, but in the case of Oranje Pharma, their products are FDA approved, and their reviews don’t indicate any faulty products.

Our Verdict

Although there are certain drawbacks when it comes to their return policy and lack of a money-back guarantee, their quality of products and efficient service more than makes up for it.

Due to the efficient services of Oranje Pharma, you are unlikely even to want a refund. Also, if you need help understanding how vaping kits work, their customer support is always available for you.

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  1. I have tried Oranje Pharma’s products and they are not good. The creator stated he created it to support his arthritis. I have the same issue and did not find any relief. In addition the $18 shipping charge brought up the price 1/3 of the total amount. Do not buy from them.

  2. I have purchased from Oranje Pharma from time to time, I am never disappointed, their flavours are great, and there is a good feeling about dealing with industry professionals that are passionate about their craft. The sample kit is a good way to go for people who have never dealt with Oranje Pharma. It is a good mixture of their offerings. The first time I ordered, I went this way and got a sample of their concentrate, BHO I believe. I had recently purchased a Furna vape with concentrate oven and tried my Oranje Pharma concentrate with it. What a great pairing! Excellent flavour, nothing harsh, pure bliss! I just ordered more concentrate from Oranje Pharma, at $200 for 5 grams, it is very reasonable. The people at Oranje Pharma are great too, very helpful and usually include a sample or free item with your order. Very pleasant experience overall. Well worth your time and money 🙂


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