Can CBD Oil Treat Symptoms Associated With Coronavirus?

A lot of CBD oil manufacturing companies and vendors are promoting their products on the website during the global COVID-19 pandemic. CBD oil, which is derived from either Hemp or Marijuana, is misunderstood as a treatment for this new coronavirus.

Companies are making others fool by selling this drug as a cure or treatment for the pandemic virus, but this is far from being true. So far, there is no evidence suggesting the CBD is used in the prevention, treatment, or cure of coronavirus symptoms despite all the revolving rumors.

What is COVID-19, and how it is creating panic?

The outbreak of COVID-19 started when WHO’s China office heard about the first reported case of this unknown virus in the city of Wuhan. Wuhan is located approximately 1,151 kilometers away from Beijing and has a population of about 11 million people. 

A virus that has only a 2% death rate started as an epidemic, but it is spreading at an unprecedented rate to other parts of the world. Simply, outside from the mainland fo China, there have been above 97,000 cases and over 4000 deaths, according to data obtained by John Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard.

The virus has spread to over 143 countries now and causing more damage to Italy, Spain, and Iran. The U.K., U.S., and Pakistan are everyday reporting new cases of COVID-19, and for now, it seems like that there is no stopping. Now the global concern is how to put a stop to this virus. The entire world right now is fighting against this virus. 

Be it social media or television; everyone is trying to teach others to take a few preventive that can be effective against developing the virus. Here are a few things that a cannabis user does to stay healthy and virus-free.

Side Effects associated with Corona Virus

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the below-listed side effects are observed in a patient who has COVID-19. However, these symptoms appear 2 to 14 days after exposure to the virus. That is why, if you have the slightest doubt of being infected, you should immediately seek medical advice and place yourself in isolation to avoid the spread. The symptoms are:

  • Runny nose
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Fever
  • Sore Throat

Can CBD treat symptoms associated with Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is said to have the above-mentioned symptoms but the real question is whether CBD has the properties to treat coronavirus associated symptoms.

CBD in management of fever

CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory product and fever is the result of inflammation. Some studies suggest that CBD is used to treat inflammation or inflammation-related ailments like fever. However, a mechanism of the exact function is still not known but the scientists are working on it.

CBD in management of sore throat

Sore throat mainly occurs when the tonsils are inflamed due to any bacterial or viral infection. In COVID-19’s case, the virus attacks the tonsils and causes inflammation of the glands, which results in the sore and itchy throat.

CBD which acts on CB2 receptors influences not only the cell’s response but it also changes the course of host innate and adaptive immune response towards the pathogen. It suppresses the inflammation and the virus-related cellular and hormonal responses. So, CBD can suppress the Coronavirus related cellular and hormonal responses but there are no studies yet that support this mechanism. 

CBD in management of runny nose

CBD has the ability to treat an allergic reaction which includes runny nose among other symptoms. Allergies are usually caused by Histamines. When our body comes in contact with any pathogen, a series of chemical reactions are activated in our body, which leads to the release of histamine. CBD will block the release of histamine. So, far there is no direct correlation of CBD and COVID-19 induced runny nose.

Can CBD boost the immune system?

There has been a lot of discussions around Coronavirus attacking people with weak immune systems, which is absolutely correct because most of the patients are either old age or young infants. Also, we know that CBD affects our immune system by making it stronger but the question is how.

CBD works by the endocannabinoid system present in our body. Our body can produce endocannabinoids, which help in regulating the immune system.

Some studies suggested that CBD has an impact on our immune system, and more precisely, CBD acts as an immunosuppressant or immunomodulator.

A lot of studies do suggest that CBD acts as an immunosuppressant and has anti-inflammatory properties but most of these contain a lot of unfamiliar scientific facts. So, better consult with your doctors before getting your hands on any CBD products.

The Coronavirus Claim about CBD is Not FDA approved

If you read any article promoting CBD products for the treatment of COVID-19, do not pay attention to it because this is not true. Spreading false news about CBD oil which contains 0.3% THC or more can put the health of the user at risk. While we do not have the power to control such rumors, but what we control is not to believe these rumors.

Impact of CoronaVirus on CBD Oil Industry

Amid the corona crisis, the CBD oil products have seen a dip in their sale. People are not going outside because of fear and panic and not buying CBD products for now. Online purchasing has also seen a decrease because most of the courier companies have suspended their delivery services across the world. 

Few tips on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 Coronavirus

Refrain from sharing CBD products with others

If you are taking CBD products or CBD oil for any ailment and you share it with your colleague or friend, then you must stop doing that immediately.

If you vape and often share it with your friend in courtesy, then it is not the right time to do so. COVID-19 is a respiratory tract disease and spreads via touch, cough droplets, or even by sharing CBD vapes. 

For now, do not share anything with anyone and stick to an elbow bump. 

Wash hands at least 20 times a day

The importance of washing hands cannot be denied, and it helps in limiting the spread of the virus. WHO suggests thorough hand washing for at least 20 seconds. It does help to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.

Before doing anything or eating anything, make sure you are washing hands. Do not shake hands or give hugs or do not go out unnecessarily. Social isolation is what one can do to play their part in curbing the spread of coronavirus.

Use hand Sanitizers

Sanitizing is the best way to kill any harmful bacteria residing on our hands. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you all the time and sanitize your hands every 30 minutes. 

Don’t buy unproven coronavirus products

If you hear anyone telling you about the CBD preventing coronavirus, then do not go and buy it. There has been no research done on CBD or CBD oil in curing coronavirus. These claims are baseless, and someone might be phishing you up with these baseless claims.

Practice social isolation

Everyone should start practicing social isolation if they are not. This means that they do not go to any public place, no wedding, birthdays, parties, nothing. If you go to the office, then talk to your manager and see if work from home can be an option. 

Do not sit in the cafe or bars even if you are discussing the virus. Postpone any events or trips if you have any. Do not over stack food items. If you still have to go out, then make sure that you are keeping a distance of 5 feet from the person standing in front and behind you.

Who is more prone to COVID-19?

Of course, everyone who comes in contact with the virus is prone to it, but people who are above 60 years or infants who are below three years or you are already suffering from some disease make you more prone to it.

The reason is that their immune systems are not strong. Most of the death cases we have heard are patients who are above 60 years of age.

Similarly, people who are sick already and their immune systems are already compromised, making them susceptible to COVID-19.

Be aware of COVID-19 symptoms

One thing that everyone must know in this situation is that every flu or the common cold is not COVID-19. There is no need to hijack the emergency rooms of hospitals and deprive real coronavirus patients of the treatment. 


The symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath

There are fair chances of someone getting this virus if he or she has traveled to an area with the ongoing spread. If a person has gone to such an area, then instead of going straight to the home, he or she should get the COVID-19 test as soon as he lands in his city and isolates himself for at least 14 days, or two weeks. The symptoms do not appear anytime before 14 days after exposure to the virus.

We all can play our little part in fighting against COVID-19.



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